UEFA Champions League

Unfortunately I think you are right. But I don’t want to be sensible at this stage. I want the barcodes and the Mancs ruing the day :joy:

But can they cover the utter shite and embarrassment to the country that Utd churned out in the group stages?

Porto v Arsenal
Napoli v Barcelona
PSG v Sociedad
Inter v Atletico
PSV v Dortmund
Lazio v Bayern
Copenhagen v City
Leipzig v Real

City vs Copenhagen. Would you believe that?

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Is this actually for real?


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Barca out of Europe in the Last 16 again then.

I think I joked about them getting Copenhagen last week. Easy tie for Arsenal as well to be honest or is just us and Portuguese sides?

Napoli of last season, yeah. Sadly the team of this is about as bad as Utd. Ok maybe not that bad but you get the drift.

Barca are woeful as well though. Suppose that’s the beauty of the leagues you follow.

Must be some sort of sick joke this.


It’s a ceded draw so there won’t be any one tricky unless on of the big name teams struggle in the group stage. Looking at that I’m guessing Inter fit that bill?

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To me, The Cheaters are like a festering puss-filled boil that is coming to a head.
Eventually it has to ‘pop’.
The sooner the footballing world wake-up to these scummy bastards, marching towards an undeserved dominance, the better the footballing world will become


Didn’t realize that Champions League is back tonight.

Copenhagen vs Cheaty
Leipzig vs Madrid

Not a great night :unamused:

It would be with two 6-0 home wins.


It would, but highly unlikely it happens. I would be satisfied if Copehagen keeps it alive after tonight so Cheaty won’t be able to rest their starters in the reverse fixture (which happens to be just before our clash with them).

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Copenhagen haven’t had a touch in the opening half-hour but an absolute banger for 1-1.

…jammy c**ts, 1-2 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: nice finish by Silva tbf

Kick them harder, FFS.


Bruyne with 2 goals and 7 assists in 7 games since his return from injury.

Guy is a joke how good he is.

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And he’ll probably keep going until he’s 60, given the PEDs.

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Good to see a team get physical with them.

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