UEFA Champions League


Bayern had a bad season and still made it past them. As for us, without wanting to sound arrogant and whatnot… they are Arsenal and we are Liverpool. I’d give us at least as good a chance, even with a new manager in charge.

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Of course, we are Liverpool fans so we think like that, but the average UK punter isn’t, and they are the ones driving the odds.


Some exciting ties this week:

Lincoln Red Imps (say what?)

The Imps are the top club in Gibraltar and play at the same ground as all the other teams on the rock.
Hamrun are the Maltese champions. They boast ten Brazilians in their squad.


Flora from Tallinn are the top Estonian club. They draw their support and players from the ethnic Estonian community.
Celje, from Slovenia won the first leg 5-0. Former Magpie, criminal, and Jamaican international Rolando Aarons is their big star.

The New Saints

From Tuzi in Montenegro (yay!) Decic are new to this level of competition after winning the league for the first time last season.
The pride of Wales, TNS (remember them?), from Oswestry are in a strong position after a 3-0 win in the first leg.

Shamrock Rovers

Rovers need no introduction of course, they are regular participants in this stage of the CL. Somehow they often seem to get a trip to Iceland, which is particularly beautiful at this time of year.


Ranked 202 by UEFA, Petrocub from Moldova have changed their name seven times since 1994 which hints at some shady goings on in the boardroom. This is their first season in the CL.
Ordabasy from Shymkent in Kazakhstan are also CL debutants. The first leg ended 0-0 so it’s all to play for this time out.


Great preview :clap:

@MViper what happened to the Big two?

We have someone from Montenegro, so they get our support.

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Ummm… Maribor finally got a decent manager who knows what’s he doing. He built a decent team and I think they’re back more or less. They have one of the better managers in the league while Celje is a “Chelsea/Cheaty” of our league in a sense they’ve tried to buy Balotelli, Modric and some other famous names. Their manager is ex-Maribor man who achieved bollocks at Maribor. Uncompetent sporting director wasn’t much of a help either.

As for Olimpija Ljubljana it’s a traveling circus. Think of G&H owners on smaller scale with cocky arrogant sporting director who can’t separate cow from a banjo. Hunting out of contract players of dubious quality where even club youngsters ain’t much worse - if at all. Every summer signing fuck load out of contract players, usually sacking a manager in October, changing half of the team in January transfer windows due to new manager and in the coming summer releasing 50% of players who were signed a year ago. Rinse and repeat.


Drama on the rock as Red Imps win 5-4 on penalties and now have the opportunity to be thrashed by Qarabag.

Celje win their tie 7-1 on aggregate.

TNS comfortable winners. Ferencvaros up next for Oswestry’s finest.

Shamrock Rovers squeezed past the Vikings 2-1 and will be rewarded with a tie against Sparta Prague.