UK Politics Thread (Part 3)

My local train station (about 50 miles north of Edinburgh) to central London.
-5 1/2 hours.

Flying to get to central London.

  • One hour to Edinburgh airport
  • One hour (minimum) check in and security.
  • One hour flight.
  • One hour to get from arrivals to central London.

For the extra 1 1/2 hours it takes on the train, the advantages of not having to deal with awkward, arrogant racist airport staff makes it worthwhile


Hope so, sure he is.
He’ll be out there somewhere telling someone how wrong they are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Quite honestly the only advantage I can think of in favour of HS2 is to allow maintenance work on the existing lines without disruption to services.

Otherwise, it’s a folly

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Quite a series of horrific headlines…


A row over putting a tunnel next to Stone Henge to help cure the horrific traffic is hardly horrendous. Disappointing pile of stones anyway given how far away you have to be from them, almost as disappointing in the flesh as the Mona Lisa. Fascinating construction granted but it’s no Pont to Gard.

That’s an odd comparison, Stonehenge is twice as far from the Pont du Gard in time as we are from the Pont to Gard. You could say the Pont du Gard is no International Space Station , which would be a similarly odd comparison!

Anyway, yeah the A303 is a nightmare, but I have feeling we’ll still talking about schemes to solve that in 25 years time.

I knew people working on that Stone Henge tunnel project way back in 2003-4.

Kind of speechless to be honest.

Yes, you’re right it maybe is an odd comparison in terms of time but the tech was the same or at least similar. Like the pyramids, just people and time. ISS is a function of massive recent (comparatively) technical advancement. My point is that Stonehenge is now literally a pile of stones in a field. What they stand for and where they came from is incredible but as a site to see, not exactly a stunner.

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This country man :man_facepalming:

My thoughts on this are well known. Can’t elaborate now as driving on the M16 about to turn off onto the AK47 followed by the B52.

I’m a big believer in rehabilitation but there is a limit. Some people are just beyond that.

Well, that’s where the full life terms come into play. This parole hearing is actually regarding the child porn offences rather than the murder. However, the linking factor appears to be a complete lack of empathy.

I’m assuming that he was freed on licence originally? That can be recalled at any time but this does sound as if there is a high chance of reoffending.


Like Lucy Letby. That cannot be rehabilitated or rectified. He will forever remain a danger to the general public


If he had any sense… He would realise he is in the safest place possible for his well being

I scanned the article. 8 years in jail then freed for the original crime.
Then in 2010 more offenses, and a further 3 years in jail.
Then in 2017 more offenses, and a further 40 months in jail.

At some point, enough is enough.

How much money and time is he taking up, for a system that is presumably overwhelmed?

I am all for rehabilitation. Punish someone for their crimes by removing their freedom, yes. And then do your utmost to provide the services they need to help them rehabilitate. I’m on board with all that. It is right and civilized.

But there has to be a limit, as if the person won’t demonstrate that they have been rehabilitated, after having so much invested in them to help them get there, then my view is full life imprisonment is warranted.

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