UK Politics Thread (Part 3)

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I’m guessing it won’t come anywhere near the £15bn that the government shared out with their pals , and which will never be recovered. This is the real scandal and it should be investigated to the nth degree.


I was involved with an investigation into government financial irregularities around 20 years ago. The first thing we did was to secure backups of email, messaging and accounting data. This was lodged with the police, Audit Scotland and an independent legal firm.

At the time we suspected that businesses had been going on under the table but now it appears to be the accepted way to do business.

The fact that it isn’t even being questioned why they were conducting government business on WhatsApp of all things amazes me.

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In my opinion, the question in this enquiry comes down to Does an elected government minister have a private social media/online presence, or is everything they say of public interest?

If they answer to this is number 2, then who decides what is and what isn’t of public interest?

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And we’re back again to the COVID fast lane and Matt Hancock’s WhatsApp dealings with his pub landlord.


Doctors in hospitals receiving PPE shipments from Tory cronies, opening packages to find unusable equipment such as gowns with blood on them.

All at the cost of billions of our moolah.

Every single cunt involved should be in prison.


Disregard my post above…

I found a pic of Michelle Mone clapping for carers.

Sweet as.


But not justification for wasting more.
Yes COVID handling should be investigated, but way too many are more obsessed with Boris being punished over his partying than the real issue here.

That isn’t an unreasonable position. The extent of his degradation of our democratic institutions is such that he really needs to be made an example of.

The book I posted a picture of above, really lays bare the extent of his lying and the effect it has had on our country. The author is Peter Oborne, a conservative and Brexit voter, by the way.

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Really? Let’s Labour and The Tories put the donors on the table, and see who come out of it better.

By the way Dale Vince is a Green Energy entrepreneur, founder of Ecotricity, and backer of a variety of green causes and protest groups. I’ve met him a few times, and he’s a lovely guy. Genuinely believe in what he does and that he can use his money to positive effect.

He is probably giving money to Labour because he believes that Labour’s environment policy is better than the Tories.

This really is a non-story, and shame on the BBC for taking this angle.


Agree, but he’s gone now and unlikely to ever be in that position of power again.
COVID was unprecedented, with nothing in living memory to compare to or reference when dealing with it.
Yes lessons need to be learned so not repeated if similar pandemic levels are reached, and I’m happy that investigations need to be made to establish what those lessons are.
But needlessly spending millions to hold Johnson to account over his partying behaviours during the pandemic is missing the wider issue here.
Unfortunately it’s the top priority for too many.

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This is the wider issue.

Those in government abusing their power, and believing that they are above the law.


I totally disagree. He can’t be allowed to swan of into the sunset of the speaker and memoirs circuit. He did incalculable damage to our democracy and than needs to to answered.

If it costs a few million to prevent the next Boris Johnson, it is money well spent.


That mindset is what will stop Labour getting into power.
Adopting a “but the Tories are worse than us” stance is of no interest to undecided voters.
We know the Tories are fucking awful, but we need to see what other parties will do to convince us they’re better.
Citing the Tories come out worse than us as the main weapon in the armoury is a pretty unconvincing strategy.

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Labour are perfectly entitled to take money from a green entrepreneur who sees their policies as the right ones for the environment. It’s totally immaterial that he gives a bit of cash to Just Stop Oil. He gives cash to loads of green organisations.

He also pumps cash into Forest Green Rovers. Does that mean Labour automatically support the club?


The Tories have a track record of taking millions from Russian Oligarchs in the service of Putin, and then allowing them to embed themselves in the City of London presenting a massive security risk.

But never mind that. Let’s criticise Labour for taking money from someone who also bunged a few quid to Just Stop Oil.


This is what I’m not quite understanding about the whole story though. Isn’t Boris the one who says he has no objections to all this stuff being handed over ? (Presumably he believes there is nothing there that will further incriminate him.)

I may have got the wrong end of the stick here but Johnson’s WhatsApp messages are considered essential to the inquiry as he may have been relaying decisions etc. through those channels. He shouldn’t have been but he was never one for process.

His partying issues are now back with the police as a separate issue.

What’s the problem with donating to Just Stop Oil anyway? Tory donors are in it for what they can get in return. This guy is just using his wealth to help stop the destruction of the planet. Can’t really see the comparison