Who would you buy?

As for players having a differing politic inclination, its fine with me. Of course, I don’t have to agree with them but that does not mean they cannot have a good career with us. Should not influence, in most parts, whether we should buy them or not.

And yet many fans are proud that the club reportedly has a “no dickheads” policy.

Where do you draw the line between someone who supports a rightwing “strongman” leader, and a dickhead?

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Maybe they mean dickhead literally

Was thinking whether to post this in the Mount thread, or somewhere more general, as they touch on a few different things.

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A player I’ve spoken about before is Evan Ferguson. I don’t expect him to leave Brighton in the near future but he is one to keep an eye on.

He was a triallist for Liverpool but decided to go to Brighton for the quicker exposure to the first team - which has clearly worked for him.

There are links to Man Utd and Tottenham coming up in the media now but it seems he’s a player with his head screwed on and I doubt he would jump ship so soon. Maybe in two or three years time Liverpool would be well positioned to go back in for him.


Yeah, I remembered that. Some rather nice players throughout that Brighton side and it would be nice to maintain a healthy relationship with them. That said, Kane is likely to leave Tottenham, so they will be looking to splash the cash, maybe they’ll immediately go for a younger player like Ferguson?

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That would be very risky for Spurs. Think they need someone more proven than Ferguson.


My understanding was Firmino wasn’t…?

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I like how Brighton is facing up to challenges. Milner going to them and probably becoming the leader in their dressing room will improve their work ethic even more.

In someways , this can play up to us if Milner leads by example and his team mates subconsciously prefer to transfer to Liverpool instead of other clubs.

Also wouldn’t even mind Bobby transferring to Brighton in case his big ticket move to Barcelona or other clubs doesn’t work out.

It makes sense for Brighton too , they’ve got a good midfield playing style but their forwards (with the exception of Ferguson lack the finesse.

Still looking like Mac and Mount are two ‘midfielders’ we will sign?

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No Mount is off to Utd.

Probably why the links to Thuram and Szoboszlai have started up.


So we’re looking at Mac Allister, Lavia and Gravenberch and Utd are looking at Kane, Rice and Mount. Lol

  1. That’s just media reports, most of which are complete fabrications
  2. Mac Allister has been on of the best midfielders in the league while Lavia is a great young prospect
  3. They’re welcome to Mount.

Maybe I have to watch a few more performances but I’m not sure Mac Allister has been one of the best midfielders in the league without the World Cup winners medal.

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Mac Allister was excellent long before the world cup, it’s a very strange narrative that is forming there.

Szoboslai would be an interesting one, strikes me more of a 9 than anything else in our system. Maybe he could play as an attacking midfielder in the box formation.


I’m not interested in the World Cup winners medal, counts for nothing, and I don’t watch that crap anyway.

I’m talking about this…


Mac Allister has been excellent…was even great last season. The stats above confirm, however, that he may need a destroyer type next to him, which is why the Mount links make no sense to me. Perhaps his defensive stats are a result of him getting higher up the pitch to press, but I’m not sure about that.


MacAllister is a good player. I hope we sign him. The question for me has always been, what’s the blend? It needs more than MacAllister, but who else?

Lavia would be a good signing and he makes a lot of sense if we are keeping Fabinho. In time he will come through and displace him. The athletic gifts are there. And a full season in the Prem is a rapid education. Still, he needs to gain more nous and positioning, but it will come.

Mac for now. Lavia for tomorrow (he will see action right away, too). I’m not sure I would be altogether delighted with just two midfielders, if one of them is still coming through. Who would a third midfielder be, if that’s the way we go?

Gravenberch? Thuram? Other?

We also appear to have a clear type in mind for the left central defender, with talk of Inacio, Colwill, Van de Ven and Guehi.

It will be fascinating to see what we do. Hopefully we are decisive and make our moves so they get a good preseason together. This season has been bad, for numerous reasons, but the last ten games has seen something good start to emerge. If we build on that, with a refreshed engine department, we can really kick on again.

Hé is not very good in clearance is he :see_no_evil::joy: