Who would you buy?

Entering the final year of his deal, but we’re well covered in his position.

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Only problem is…we have a ‘no dickweed’ policy…better known as a Tom Daley…

Is he though? I’ve never seen anything about him that screams out ‘dickhead’.

Apart from him playing for Chelsea that is :wink:

Is he a dick weed?

In a few games over the past months…he’s tried his tom daley…and his desperate look to the ref for a pen…and a lot of times he’s pleading to the ref for fouls on him…then when he does foul opponents…it’s usually " I didn’t do anything"…a bit of a whiner

It’s my word of the month …trying not to swear…

I hope the “no dickheads policy” is a played out myth, and it probably is; Robbo is extremely disliked amongst non-LFC supporters, and I love Robbo. Darwin can be a bit of a prick. Sadio definitely had it in him. The right kind of dickhead has a place here. It wouldn’t hurt to have a few more, really. No great team in history had “no dickheads”.

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Bad characters would be a better word you don’t want . Think they all good people, cunts on the pitch which every team needs.

Behind closed doors you need good guys, who turn into assholes on the pitch. Leave it on the pitch kind of thing


Depends what audience, if other fanbases in the country then who isn’t?

The club as a whole is generally disliked and it generally starts at the top and works it’s way down…can’t imagine many taking too kindly to Klopp or Salah either, Hendo when he was here.

What has Robbo really done to be “extremely disliked” anyway? Tapped Messi on the head once upon a time? Went in dirty on Emerson once upon a time? Had a bit of a laugh in Pickford’s face for acting like a cunt the whole game? You’d like to think 3 things in 10 years in English football would wash off by now.

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Depends on your definition of dickhead. I’d absolutely loathe Jota and Robertson if they played for another team, especially a rival side. There are dickheads like them (in the sense that they wind up their opponents and try to get every possible advantage for their team) and dickheads like Mourinho, who do everything to make themselves look better and leave the club in a poorer state compared to the moment of their arrival.

I know I’d rather have Jota and Robertson than Mourinho, even if he won everything he’s won in career here, because the former two make this team better and everything they do, they do for the team.


Robbo has (or at least had - haven’t seen him do it in a while) an habit of “guiding” his man into/over the advertising boards. Fine by me, as are all the other indiscretions you mentioned, but he’s certainly considered a bit of a snide outside of the club.

Is Richarlison a Jota/Robbo kind of dickhead, or a Mourinho kind of dickhead?

I agree with what you say, by the way. I just don’t think we should dismiss potential signings on the basis that they are competitively dickheads. There should be a bit of nasty, otherwise it’s just Fulham.

That’s a good question… Well, he did deliberately injure one of our players, maybe there’s a special dickhead category for him? Or for Everton players in particular (Pickford ended Van Dijk’s season, Richarlison’s tackle probably had a lot to do with Alcantara’s subsequent injury issues, Holgate violently pushed Firmino into the stands etc.).

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Ok I suppose that’s fair enough, obviously it’s easier to brush these things aside when he plays for your club and I have noticed an element of smugness about him over his career here, but no moreso than other players…even our own. But things like that surely tend to wash over a lot quicker to someone who constantly rolls around on the floor or leads a group of his own players surrounding the ref to get an opposition player in trouble, neither of which I’d associate with Robbo.

There was the incident when he went after to lino to ask him something and took a wack for his “troubles”, and even then he was painted in the media as the guilty party, so they never help in these situations either.

I always assumed that “policy” was about personality off the pitch.


Aye, but then we (support, not the club itself) presume a lot based on what happens on the pitch.

It basically applies to conduct within the squad. Disrupting training and leading others astray. Causing distractions with activities in their private life. Occasionally there is a dickhead who is arguably worth it (Suarez?) but mainly whatever they may contribute on the pitch is negated by their activities off it.


Nothing disruptive, basically.

It’s not the most inspiring transfer policy.

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Where is Diego Simeone on the dickhead rating?

Yeah, it’s certainly not as black and white as fans like to portray or imagine.

That said, I believe we absolutely look at a player’s character, behaviour, life style and stuff like that. Simply part of the process, we would be dumb not to do it.

We’re talking about footballers in 2024. There is no team, at that level, with zero players where there wouldn’t be a case of “never meet your heroes”.

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