20/21 Predictions

I see we have a LFC related thread, how about a more general predictions thread?

PL Top 4:


Top Scorer:
Player of the year:
Manager of the year:
First manager sacked:
Biggest overachievers:
Biggest underachievers:
Best transfer:
Biggest flop:

Promoted from the Championship:

CL Winner:
Bundesliga Winner:
La Liga Winner:
Ligue 1 Winner:
Serie A Winner:

Any other random predictions for the season ahead:

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PL Top 4 :

  1. Liverpool
  2. Manchester City
  3. Chelsea
  4. Manchester United

Relegated :
18. West Ham
19. Fulham
20. WBA

Top Scorer : Aubameyang
Player of the year : Mané
Manager of the year : Chris Wilder
First manager sacked : Slaven Billic
Biggest overachievers : Sheffield United (again)
Biggest underachievers : Leicester City
Best transfer : Thiago Silva
Biggest flop : Ferran Torres

Promoted from the Championship :

  1. Watford
  2. Brentford
  3. Norwich

CL Winner : Juventus
Bundesliga Winner : Bayern Munich
La Liga Winner : Real Madrid
Ligue 1 Winner : PSG
Serie A Winner : Juventus

Any other random predictions for the season ahead :

  • Leeds will comfortably survive
  • Palace will survive by a few points and Hodgson retires
  • Pep leaves City at the end of the season
  • Grealish has another great season but doesn’t make England’s Euros squad
  • Everton finish 10th
  • We win the league but with 90 points, gap between the top 4 is much closer
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PL Top 4 :

  1. Liverpool
  2. Citeh
  3. Arsenal
  4. Wolves

Relegated :
18. Villa
19. Leeds
20. Fulham

Top Scorer : PEA
Player of the year : Virgil
Manager of the year : Klopp
First manager sacked : Lampard
Biggest overachievers : Sheffield United
Biggest underachievers : United
Best transfer : Tsimi
Biggest flop : Thiago Silva

Promoted from the Championship :

  1. Norwich
  2. Derby County
  3. Brentford

CL Winner : Liverpool
Bundesliga Winner : Bayern Munich
La Liga Winner : Real Madrid
Ligue 1 Winner : PSG
Serie A Winner : Juve

Any other random predictions for the season ahead :

  • Greilish to move either this or the Jan window with Villa failing to replace him which will see them relegated.
  • Ancelotti to go next summer when he realises what a basket case of a club he has taken over
  • West Ham to be the team to be relegated if Villa manage to keep hold of Jack and stay up
  • Top 4 will be seperated by less than 10 points
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PL Top 4 :

  1. city
  2. lpool
  3. chelsea
  4. utd

Relegated :
18. villa
19. west brom
20. fulham

Top Scorer : werner
Player of the year : de bruyne
Manager of the year : steve bruce
First manager sacked : scott parker
Biggest overachievers : newcastle
Biggest underachievers : leicester
Best transfer : werner/callum wilson
Biggest flop : thiago silva

Promoted from the Championship :

  1. norwich
  2. brentford
  3. m’boro

CL Winner : bayern
Bundesliga Winner : bayern
La Liga Winner : r madrid
Ligue 1 Winner : psg
Serie A Winner : inter

Any other random predictions for the season ahead :

everton will be mid table again
leeds will do well
newcastle top 10
keep at an eye out for eze at palace

PL Top 4:

  1. Man City (just so hard to repeat and I hope I’m wrong)
  2. Liverpool
  3. Chelsea
  4. Man Utd

18. Aston Villa
19. West Brom
20. Fulham

Top Scorer: Timo Werner
Player of the year: Kevin de Bruyne
Manager of the year: Frank Lampard (media seem to love him — so he’s either 1st fired or Manager of the year :slight_smile: )
First manager sacked: David Moyes
Biggest overachievers: Southampton
Biggest underachievers: Arsenal
Best transfer: Timo Werner
Biggest flop: Nathan Ake

Promoted from the Championship:

  1. Bournemouth
  2. Brentford
  3. Cardiff

CL Winner: Bayern Munich
Bundesliga Winner: Bayern Munich
La Liga Winner: Real Madrid
Ligue 1 Winner: PSG
Serie A Winner: Juventus

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PL Top 4 :

  1. Liverpool
  2. City
  3. Arsenal
  4. Wolves

Relegated :
18. West Brom
19. Fulham
20. West Ham

Top Scorer : PEA
Player of the year : Mane
Manager of the year : Arteta
First manager sacked : David Moyes
Biggest overachievers : Wolves
Biggest underachievers : Spurs
Best transfer : Havertz? (or whichever Chelsea attacker impresses), or Doucoure
Biggest flop : Hhhhhaimie Rodrigez (do you know he has a lot of instagram followeres?) and Rodrigo (Leeds)

Promoted from the Championship :

  1. No idea
  2. Barnsley on the long odds

CL Winner : Juve, Munich, or Barca (for the laughs-but not really)
Bundesliga Winner : Munich
La Liga Winner : Anyone but the big two? But probably Real Madrid
Ligue 1 Winner : PSG
Serie A Winner : Juve

(it’s really depressing picking winners of all the other leagues. Almost all forgone conclusions)

Any other random predictions for the season ahead : We will win the Champions league or the premier league, but probably not both.

What’s the use of predicting the winners of German, French or Italian leagues???

I’m going to do what I want to happen, not what I expect:


while arsenal has traditionally been a member of the top 6, Leicester has been better over the last 2 years so just thinking out loud really. where do you come down on this top 6 issue and if not Leicester who do you think should replace Arsenal?


Spurs and Arsenal fight for 5th and 6th.
Leicester and everton for 7th and 8.

Tottenham are wobbling as we speak, and I’m not sure that we can count them in a solid, established top five anymore. They won convincingly at Southampton, but before that, lost at home to Everton. I think that they’ll come under pressure this season, and the teams putting them under pressure might be Leicester and Everton. My ranking list if no other players come in or leave:

  1. LFC (we have started the season on the same basis results-wise than last season, but with better performances against strong opponents. Thiago and Jota have reinforced us considerably. Hopefully Gini stays.)


  1. Cheaty (they have invested the paltry fee of £105 millions on two center backs this summer. Let’s see if that helps them.)


  1. Abramovic FC (massive transfers in the attacking department, which should provide them a lot of goals once the players gel a bit. Their defensive frailties will likely remain, despite of Thiago Silva’s arrival.)
  2. Arsenal (have improved with Arteta in an organisational sense, and dispose of an impressive and settled forward line.)


  1. Red mancs (as long as Ole is at the wheel… hopefully for a long while yet.)
  2. Everton (the Ancelotti effect, which is impressive. Maybe I’m underestimating them and they’ll finish higher up. With this coach at the helm, you know that they won’t stop improving.)


  1. Leicester (they have done well so far, but as always, they are an injury to Vardy away from imploding.)
  2. Tottenham (finished sixth last year and am not sure how they will fare this season, we’ll see.)
  3. Wolves (could play a role again, who knows.)

United are shit, no way they finish ahead of Arsenal. If Leicester can keep players fit they may finish ahead of them too.

Everyone is getting dodgy penalties at the moment. But I agree, forgot about Uniteds side deal with the FA.

I just want a Top 4 like before, any 4 teams that finish for a Ucl spot like before should be the top 4. Not this new top 6 bullcrap, i find it cringy.

The top two will be the same, us then Man City.

After that, it’s bunching up a bit.
Chelsea should be third with the players they have. Will Fat Frank flatter to deceive?
Man Utd should be a fixture in top four, but with Ole at the wheel, who knows?
Arsenal are improving under Arteta, and if they get Partey and Aouar, they could be top four.
Mourinho is well past his best but can he organize Spurs enough before the milk turns sour?
Ancelotti is a class manager and man, and Everton have started very well.
Rodgers plays good attacking football, but do Leicester have enough depth up top? Very reliant on an aging Steptoe.
Wolves are a good team and might be in the top six conversation.

Basically, I’m expecting it to be Liverpool, gap, Man City… then who knows the order of the teams above?

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There was a time when the top four was almost nailed on before the season began. This has now dramatically changed, with not only six, but at least eight teams able to qualify for it imo, so I think it’s a discussion worthy to be had. The thread title could also have been named your top eight or whatever.


I get that, especially Spurs rising with Poch and City, etc. But with me, i will just consider the best 4 teams every season as the top 4, as competition are too heated. But i get the point of the thread about who the top 6 will be, etc. Just my opinion.

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Chelsea should be a lock for the top four. If they aren’t firmly in the top four after 10-13 games, the game is up for Frankie.

Brendan is awesome when things are going well. Has he learned to adapt or reinvent when things are bad; injuries, opponents figuring out??? If not, Leicester will keep falling, at for a period.

Arteta seems to have a plan. But does he has the squad?

United??? OGS don’t have the tactical acumen and the squad don’t have the hunger or talent. It’s luck that’s all they got.

Mourinho??? Tottenham???

Last four clubs are pretty even and either can sneak into top four. Too early for Everton and Ancelotti, top six would be a good start.

Yep. I doubt the top 5 are sort of given as well. Hence, just assuming one of the two Arsenal or Leicester to fight for it sounds incorrect.

Isn’t there a thread already for this though?

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I think top 6 will be Liverpool, City, Chelsea, United, Arsenal, Spurs.