2021 Happy New Year - Fuck you 2020

There’s no way I’m making it until midnight, so happy new year everyone and hopefully it’s a better one.


Happy and healthy New Year to all. My New Years wish ? That we can all make it through 2021.


Good luck and a happy new year to all


2020 has brought its challenges, but I want to count my blessings, and the first thing that comes to mind was that there was a lot of family time this last year due to circumstances. Normally we are over scheduled and too busy, but this was the year we had to learn to slow down and ‘be’ and not ‘do’ so much.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son, so yes, there were times when I wanted to throttle the selfish little bastards! But we were together this year, more than we would have been, and for that I am thankful.

I don’t mean to minimize this shitty pandemic, but what is magnificent about the human species is that we have the ability to endure, and then rise up and overcome. I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.

Wishing you and yours every good thing, Happy New Year!


Yep, fuck you 2020 and a Happy New Year to you all, even the disingenuous sanctimonious ones who give out personal abuse one moment and sign off posts with YNWA the next.

Hopefully this year will be our year, I reckon we’ve got a chance, you know.

Bring on 2021.


I loved Klopp’s quote about “imagine how rubbish the year would have been if we had all this stuff and didn’t win the League.” And while I had accepted it as potentially being the case for about 2-3 months, I was thrilled to have been proven wrong, and that element of seeing it potentially taken from us made our coronation as special as it could be (and while it would have been optimal to have fans present, the way it was is certainly better than nothing at all). Our Premier League title :trophy: did provide a lot of joy in an otherwise generally shit year. Best to you all in 2021 and YNWA. :red_circle:


Happy New to all the forum members across the world

“Long may your lum reek!” :slight_smile:


I wish you and your loved ones good health and prosperity, you shiny, happy people. Onward into battles new!



Well that was a terrible 2020, wasn’t it? So fucked up that it is difficult to find many positives that came out of it.

I had an extremely difficult year on both fronts: work and personal. Nothing was going in my favour, whether it be at home or office. I had reached a stage where I felt it was between me and 2020. Either you finish me or I will survive to see your end. Today, I am delighted to see the back of 2020.

Now on 1-Jan-2021, sitting alone and reflecting on the year gone by, I am glad I fought and lived through 2020. It was worth a fight as I can take away with me 2 precious gifts from 2020 into 2021:

  1. Chronologically, the first gift came on 25th June when the boys won the league without even playing. I started following PL in 2001-02 season and was ridiculed by my friends for supporting Liverpool. They were afterall ManU, Chelsea, RM, Barca fans. And after Aguero goal, there were a couple who were now City fans. Nothing unusual in India to find such fans back then. The sweetest moment was when the Chelsea fan friend of mine realised that we won the league because they beat City 2-1. :joy:
    It was the best day of 2020 for me until then. The Champions of England :heavy_heart_exclamation:

  2. Fast forward exactly a month, 25th of July and I am woken up by my crying wife at 5 in the morning. She was 8 month pregnant then and the baby wasn’t showing any movements. 5:45-6:45 AM the doctors tried their best but the baby was still not responding to any stimulation. The only positive was there was a heartbeat. My wife and myself spoke to each other, decided to go ahead with a cesarean. Hugged each other and the next moment she disappeared into the hospital room while I was signing some hospital documents.
    I still cannot recollect what happened in the next hour until I saw Bubbles:

I know people who have suffered a lot more than me, and my words cannot suffice how much sympathy I have for them. But all I can do is pray to God that they find strength and endurance, ensure that the year gone by teaches them to face 2021 with more grit.

Everyone on TAN, please take care of your health and that of your loved ones. 2021 is definitely going to be a better year than the last one, but if things go bad, please find a way to pluck something good out of it.

Have a great year ahead TAN Family :slight_smile:


Oh I hate to be the cynical one here (specially with a cynical old git already around :stuck_out_tongue: ), but the fact is 2021 would be more or less like 2020. We will/have not woke up to some golden dawn and the past malice will/have not melted away like morning mist.

2021 will be hard, even with vaccine and without Trump. There will still be hunger, wars, catastrophes, corruption, VAR; among many other malice tormenting the humanity.

But we will continue to trudge on. We will continue to make something out of our lives. So here’s to the indomitable spirits, carry on.


2020 is the worst year ever for me and I hope I never have another one like that ever.

This year did give me some perspective. We all pursue happiness. And happiness comes in all form - money, power, drinks, drugs, cheating and what not. The best/pure form of happiness, though, is that which you share with your loved ones, family and friends.

Life is after all a fleeting moment.
Between birth and death.


It’s true that in the passing of one year to another, nothing has changed. There is still a pandemic raging through the world, and there is no prospect that 2021 is going to be any better than 2020.

However, people need moments and markers. We need to feel that we are passing from one year to next. So happy new year and let’s hope it does improve.


Was hunting for a different thread but stumbled over this. If only we’d known :wink:


Not gonna lie…family life excluded, to me 2020 seems like the best year of my life when compared to 2021.

2021 can GAGF in the biggest way possible.


This time last year I was optomistic about 2021, the year would say goodbye to Covid and all the shit that went with it…

But it has been a stressful year for me personally, with health problems now evident that makes life a bit nervy.

Not lying when I say I am hopeful rather than anyway confident it will be better.

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