5 a Side Played By People With More Enthusiasm Than Talent Thread

OK, been playing for a few weeks now, really getting back into playing the damn game. A few thoughts:

  1. Don’t try passes that can be intercepted.
  2. Read point 1 again.
  3. And again
  4. Why can’t the keeper leave the area?
  5. What’s with the ball over head height rule?

The last 2 points cause more arguments and breaks in play than anything else. Scrap them both and play the bloody game.

2 hours tonight, mainly in goals. I was taught as a kid to always get the ball moving asap. So many times I’d play a 1-2 with a team mate and sprint down the pitch with the ball. Could be 20m down the field before anybody noticed. But no, not in 5 a side. Stupid rules….

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Can’t stand that leave the area rule. We play on a 7 as part of training and I got it scrapped. I said if I’m caught out it’s my fault. Over head height with us is because there is a wire above us that it will usually hit.

We’re in a 15m high (prob more) sports hall. Just seems utterly pointless. I can throw the ball underarm the length of the room so long ball is irrelevant.

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Better quality football with below head height, people have to pass & move, we even play below head outside with smaller sided games as players get lazy stay wide do eff all defending and wait for the ball to be lobbed forward to them


Absolutely right. Under head height is bang on. Keep it on the deck. Pass and move. Not allowed in the area, keeper not allowed out. Way more skillful. Helps you be a better more intelligent player. If you don’t like it stick to 11 aside.

Sorry why is it skilful to cut off the natural reactions of a goalkeeper.

It’s a bollocks rule frankly.

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3 touch rule too.
If your 2nd touch is a tackle, maybe try another sport

I’m talking more about the head height rule an goalies staying in the area is for us that don’t really want to be the goalie but take our turn

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Stopping the game for a free kick every time a ricochet goes over head is just enforcing rules for the sake of it.

Obviously not a proper footballer :kissing_heart:

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Fair enough, it’s just really restrictive, I only really play on 7 aside nowadays so we aren’t to much bothered about the box stuff.

Isn’t the goal smaller for 5 a side ? That probably is the reason for a goalie to not move. Imagine a small goal made even more smaller when the goalie takes two odd steps forward ?

A goalie will move if you smashed it on the edge of the small semi circle.

I’m standing up for the union here you bullying forwards.

You have a semi-circle area. “Players” stand on their goal line, keepers stand on the edge usually, cuts down the angles.

The crossbar is lower (under head height). The width is wide. Makes the keeper work on angles. Should be on the edge of his area.

@Klopptimist if the ball is richotcheing into the air all the time, you guys are crap, really crap. Never had that problem. Hehehehe.

You’re probably too old to kick it hard enough :rofl:

Hehehe you’re right on that. I played a couple of weeks ago, first time in ages, did a lovely little Bajetic letting the ball run past me and I just fell over as I turned. Went down in slo mo like a sack of potatoes for no reason. I’ll stick to skiing I think

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The number of times I run out of feet……

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But…but…I like this one!!! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I’m in the states, they have organized indoor leagues for the winter, but they don’t have really have 5 a side places to go and play. Lots of basketball courts and open green spaces, but the culture of going to get a game in the park doesn’t really exist. It’s a pity. Played 11 a side in a league up through last year when age and my knee let me know I can’t chase kids around anymore.

One of the best finishing techniques in 5 aside is the toe poke as the keeper has no time to set and read the shot

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