Al-Sandcastle - the sportswashing barcodes

England is a sullied little cesspit of greed, we’ll take money from anyone without morals applied.


Applies to most countries, no?

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No doubt, like Man City’s sponsorships, it will be an inflated amount

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You’d cry if you didn’t laugh.


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Is he a Geordie?
He types like a Geordie.
Come to take the piss?
How tragic.

Clearly something dodgy going on. So players sign with one of the PIFs for silly money, and then go and loan to Newc?

Interestingly Newcastle fans already having a pop and Delany and anyone else anti ownership by PIF.

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Hang on, so PIF owns all 4 of those clubs?

If Newcastle is about to become the pre retirement ground there going have lots of good players but also mercenaries and it’s going all look a bit like MLS combined.

PIF accounting strategies for UEFA. anyone want to wager on how long it takes one of those Saudi teams to win a European trophy?

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And where is the PL on all of this?

I swear if they had jumped on City earlier things would have been easier and cleaner. Another opportunity here to get in early.


Once the horse is out of the barn, you may as well let another one go. La Liga’s duopoly is a far more entertaining product that the Bundesliga monopoly

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Says a lot about these accounts

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Hey only 75% and 25% to not for profit entities so they are kindness personified now.

In essence they are like a bastardized version of the MLS? Owned by a single entity but individually operated but alot more secretive of course. Instead of Designated player where they can spend big on a certain player, they will have designated squad where it’s compulsory to spend big. They will have a wage cap of course but maybe it’s 1mil per week per player :rofl:. There were rumors that they are planning to sign 50 out of contract European based players. Putting aside comments on their political records, this just sound ridiculous from a sporting perspective.

They’ll (as in Saudi clubs) definitely be coming in for Mo at some stage. Hopefully , Salah doesn’t go there

Basically there going try and set their own leagues up.

Not sure if ultimately this is Man City’s groups plan but there is a LIV structure to that.

That’s why it’s sort of important Man Utd end up with Radcliffe in the end as at the moment their biggest team they’ve ultimately bought is PSG (sorry Man City) and even they are new kids on the block.

Whether this merges or they attempt a IPL type thing this is where it’s heading.

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Talkshyte in super judgy mode regarding LIV golf and the PGA selling out, also bringing up how boxing is happy to take their sportswashing money.

Not a word about Newcastle

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Mourinho definitely will be their next manager imo

The rumours are that he’s off to PSG

Could see that tbf