Alisson BECKER: 2022/23

I guess he is just too lazy to shave. :roll_eyes:

Left it home remember couldn’t get the the right conversion plug.


This has to be my favourite one of him at the moment.:heart_eyes::heart:

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Really? Oh well, no… Not my taste tbh. I very much prefered his Elvis look :wink:

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I love his Elvis look too, 1968/1969 look​:heart::heart_eyes:

:shower: You might need a cold one of these @Maria if Alisson save a pen eh :wink:


Gullit rates Ederson so highly that he can’t remember his name.

(Although, I petition to henceforth refer to Ederson exclusively as ‘the other one’).

Alisson: “I think just because of the moment we are living everybody wants to change immediately everything but it’s not like that. We have to build up again our game [and] we have to be patient. I want as well to immediately change that but we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to trust the process, we have to stay positive, stay together and keep working on the things we are working on - we are working really hard.”


This is how I see it, evidently we’ve pressed the reset button it’s going take time, I was happier with the last two than some of our games prior.

Hopefully we can get it together to at least push on in the cups and get a Europa League spot.

Agree we at least looked to have a better shape defensively which we can build on, hopefully some small shoots of recovery. A reset is needed playing staff wise and patience is needed, however the concern is that we, If everything is believed, rely on the money from Champs league to be able to improve our squad.

Joel Embiid to LFC. Here we go.

Get that shit out of here

dikembe mutombo no GIF

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The best.



That’s actually some good news for once.

Seems to have been the only one who has generally improved or shown signs of improvement over this season.

Yes he has made mistakes but as that chart shows those in front of him are making more mistakes and he is bailing them out at times.

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I definitely like no 2, no 3, no 4 and the ‘calm down, calm down look’.

For me, apart from the few brainfarts per season (mostly in possession), he’s one of the rare ones who is just quality and consistent. I don’t see much improvement, but I don’t see much drops of level either. It’s easy to get carried away having a GK like him, I still don’t take it for granted. Even if for me, he’s not the world’s best. But I understand when you have a few from top tier, different managers and coaches will say that of their GK. In my following, the best are surely Alisson and Reina (in that order, even if I loved Pepe), all the rest were below them and not of the quality needed to play regularly for years at Liverpool.

I would consistently say he is the best currently.

I don’t particularly think there is any fault in him, and he is consistently on it, where others seems to have dips, remember Mendy a few years back, he can’t even get in the side now.

As you say it’s probably his belief he can do too much that demonstrates the odd error but some of the suicide passing back to him he’s done extremely well not to have more.

Saying that I think VVD sent an absolute horror back to him and he was able to swipe it out to Robbo in space.

For me, Courtois has been the best since hitting new levels for Real. Once or twice it happens even to the best, but I want to see less of those stupidities from Alisson on the ball.

It’d be nice if we didn’t pass back to him 50 times every 2 minutes mind but yes like a lot of confident keepers he’s been guilty (on the rare occasion) of being too relaxed.

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