Alisson BECKER: 2022/23

Oh my word, Alisson, the heart throb
he should be James Bondeiro, 007 :heart_eyes: :sparkling_heart: :heart_eyes_cat:


Bit of 5 o’clock shadow suits him, I think.

I guess he is just too lazy to shave. :roll_eyes:

Left it home remember couldn’t get the the right conversion plug.


This has to be my favourite one of him at the moment.:heart_eyes::heart:

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Really? Oh well, no… Not my taste tbh. I very much prefered his Elvis look :wink:

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I love his Elvis look too, 1968/1969 look​:heart::heart_eyes:

:shower: You might need a cold one of these @Maria if Alisson save a pen eh :wink: