An Comhrá na hÉireann - The Ireland Thread!

I was incredibly moved to hear by way of a Kahnawake friend that Ireland Lacrosse has dropped out of the World Lacrosse championships to allow the Iroquois Nationals to take their place. For some odd reason, the qualification process was limited to IOC members, leaving the people who invented the game on the outside looking in.

“As much as our players would have been honored to compete, we know the right thing is for the Iroquois Nationals to represent our sport on this international stage."

It is very hard to convey how moving this is. The traditional colours are purple and gold-yellow. I am told they are doing everything they can to get new green uniforms in time.


hi lads,am i correct in saying that there is no 2 week quarantine crossing the border from ni? am i working in england but want to go back home for a few days. if i have it correct if i go through ni i can technically get around it. i need to be sure before i do it though because i don’t need another run in with the law.

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Surely your last brush with the law was over a century ago?

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you can travel to NI from England ok as long as you have been there (or any othercommon travel area e.g. Scotland, Wales, IOM etc) for at least 14 days. Then you can cross the border to the south with no restrictions.
I think that if you travel from England straight to the south, you need to restrict your movement for 14 days, though you might want to double check that online.

yes that’s what I thought cheers pal.