Andy ROBERTSON: 2022/23

Again it’s another player that, unless he’s making noises about wanting to leave, there’s not reason to be considering selling him this summer. We’ve enough to do with the squad without adding find a new left back to the mix.

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Always said if a player wants to leave and they are squad then I’d be open, if they are first team no unless the offer is effectively mad.

I think there are enough surplus to requirements types to create a hefty war chest as long as we are being provided a decent sum.

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Think they must have misunderstood our demands of £400m…

Hypothetically… If we could get something daft like £60m for him - IMO, sell him… Tsimikas is not another Moreno… He could fill the void.
We tend to view Robbo’s good games. good moments - what about the absolute ‘stinkers’ he sometimes serves up…
Although… if we only get offered £59m… we may as well keep him :0)

Tsimikas isn’t half as good as Robertson. To be honest if we are selling an outfield player I think Tsimikas is the easiest to sacrifice.


And do what with the £60m? People were saying Robbo was best LB in the world 2 years ago

He can’t and couldn’t

I think the opposite. He has been unbelievably consistent since he joined us. People get fixated on the odd poor game over the past season


There’s no way Robbo will move. But despite his leadership attributes , his shithousery will be hampered if he’s made the captain.

Trent is the future captain

It’s to do with our high risk game that these happen. Nothing to do with the players. Even city’s backline would shit themselves playing with Liverpool because they don’t have the cynical midfield cunts doing tactical fouls with the umpires backing them up.

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Everyone has a price but 60m is really too low for top 3 LB in the world, if not the best. And he is still at a very good age, especially even more so if he goes to a slower league. He is already fast and energetic in a competitive Premier League, so going to Spanish league would be no issue for him.

BUT I would not sell him for 60m, with no agitation from Robertson, no chance I will sell him for anything for below 90m. And if the occasional stinker he has is a reason to sell him, then we would be selling Trent for 30m base on this season alone. But of course we would not.


While,theoretically any player can be replaced Robbo is one of the harder ones, and he doesn’t seem to want to go so forget it.
He is a very valuable player for us so any consideration of selling him would have to top 100k,and then, only if he wanted out.

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Robertson will be 30 soon though. But as long as he’s happy to stay here shouldn’t matter.

That’s probably the only time we’ll get such a high price for him though. If he does want to move , I’d rather the club get a backup LB before letting him go.

But LBs aren’t easily replaceable though and Robbo offers much more to the team in terms of attitude , leadership , shithousery (every team needs atleast one such guy to get inside the opposition head) etc.

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:face_with_peeking_eye: Looks like someone has already switched to Summer mode :0)

Just finicky at the prospect of them getting the treble. Especially seeing as how close we were to it last year.

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Almost no issue.

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Silly season’s not officially open and we’re talking about selling someone that is more likely to sign a new contract and play on for us well in to his 30s. He’s going nowhere, even if some other club wants him.