Anfield and Kirkby


We could import some workers from Qatar - they must be free now!!!

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From the video - he doesn’t think the work will be completed until the start of next season…

That seems a lot of time for what is left. Hopefully it will be achieved sooner.

Ex-Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has reportedly had an image of himself holding the Premier League trophy removed from the Reds’ training ground.

Following his exit this summer, Liverpool have reportedly ‘removed’ him from their AXA Training Centre. According to the Liverpool Echo, a picture of Henderson holding the Premier League trophy in 2020 has now been removed and replaced.

It’s reported that an image of Liverpool’s new vice-captain and West Derby-born Trent Alexander-Arnold holding the Champions League in 2019 has replaced Henderson, alongside the quote: “I’m just a normal lad from Liverpool whose dreams have just come true.”

No issue with that.

Wants to moan about Klopp and the club in interviews fuck him.

Thanks for the memories but we’ve moved on.

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That, and the fact he is running around with a shirt on that represents an ideology, that does offend a lot of people… LFC can decide if they want to be associated; albeit by default; with that connection or not - their choice entirely

The timeline and complications remind me of every injury our players ever suffer.

Although disappointing, i cant say im surpised. Any new contractors coming on site will need time to get up to speed, to get any required materials ordered, and to get the labour force in place.

Sounds as if the partial opening and closing to gradually increase capacity will mean the works are slowed down, so keeping it shut and getting it finished seems pragmatic. Lets hope its Jan 2024, and not much later.

Does anyone know what the current AR concourse situation is? Old one in place still? Or do they have temporary beer/refreshment units in place? Not sat in the stand before.


From what I understand, they’ll know end of this year what the exact delay will be. That doesn’t sound as if the stand would be ready for early 2024.

Seems to suggest differently in that Hogan piece.

This should have been announced sooner but at least it’s a bit clearer for those who have tickets for games later this Calender year.