Anfield and Kirkby

This is a welcome suprise:


I remember Klopp proposing the idea when he first took over but didn’t realise it was due to happen so soon.

I thought it was another 12 months away. But this is great news

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I am so glad Jurgen will get to see its fruition in reality.
It looks magnificent and quite futuristic.

I also heard, the club want this place to be the centre of excellence in Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy and Science, where other athletes can come for treatment.

I feel abit sad though, that Melwood is closing down. So many memories over the years in that place. It was kind of a homely and intimate place.


Just curious, in the 4th picture why are there 2 sets of stairs next to each other? One is narrower and the other is wider.

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One is for Shaqs and Alisson; the narrow one is for the rest of the squad.


Those perforated panels will be a bastard to keep clean


I am serious. If it was a ramp, I get it.

It looks like an airport abit :joy: in a nice way

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I guess they will use blowers for everyday cleaning and take the panels off for occasional through cleaning. Lucky it’s not in some country with lots of dusts :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I was scrolling down the article on TIA, and got to about the pitch explanation, looked at the picture and thought to myself, these are the shittest training pitches I have ever seen! I was quite relieved to scroll down more to see the entire picture, and the real pitch.

Bet it won’t be cheap for other than LFC members to get treatment there. Think I may have to stick to the old NHS, bless 'em.


They’re not stairs on the right…it is auditorium style seating. There is likely a facility for a large screen at the point where the photo was taken from.



Really?? I would never have guessed. Why have they put it in the middle of passage or corridor?

I never seen anything like that design before.

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Not a huge fan of it either, tbh, but I have seen it a shitload, particularly in universities…it is all about creating multi-functional spaces. But it is definitely a space for sitting.

It could just be a good place to plonk the tour groups for the introductory chat…

ÂŁ18 per person, book at


The wide stairs could be used for carrying stuff up and down… safer than the narrow ones

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As SBYM says, it’s something you see a lot in new-built universities, schools and public buildings. I’m not a huge fan of that either, but it’s fashionable these days to create multi-functional spaces.


Oh okay.
It looks sooo different from Melwood. It’s a huge site.

Wasnt Melwood substantially improved and refurbished in recent years, in Rafa’s time?

Not sure about during Rafa’s time, but it did get a massive upgrade during Houlier’s time

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That can be a very lucrative, niche market indeed. Rehabilitation as well.

I was way off, apparently it was 2015 according to Google, or at least there was some refurb then :eyes: