Are we savoring these times enough?

Yeah winning the title def has lifted the load off. Doesnt matter if we win only the league cup this time.


Joke’s on you cunts.

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I bet some of the lot here can get tons of subscribers making fun of goldbridge and the other youtube hosts online though.

I am similar to Redbj.

I am proud of this team, but my era is the early 90s through to about 2010.

Rafa and Istanbul, the treble under Houllier, the iconic youth plays that came though under Evans. I connect more perhaps because players for me were more relatable, partly because of my age, partly because there is a certain magic in winning despite not being the best.

Those that remember me on TIA in the early years will remember I use to do the detailed match analysis and detailed stats before it was trendy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: TIA even had a fanzine I contributed to. One year I attended every single game home and away.

Times change, for many this will be your era. Your story will be the transition from H&G and near bankruptcy to Klopp winning every trophy under the sun.

The thing is I can remember games from 25 years ago more vividly than I can the game from last week. It’s absurd.


I’m the opposite. Maybe it’s my dwindling memory but the older I get, the keener I get on our success. This is a splendid time to get keen on Liverpool.


The thing is…
When we are on the level we currently are its too easy to become nervous and agitated whilst we play…
When we were shit (Hodgson period) there wasnt anything to worry about…

So, I probably won’t savour thse times until a few years time!

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If you’ll believe me, it’s the same with me as well. I sometimes watch the compilations of goals scored by the likes of Stevie, Torres or Suarez and I can remember almost every detail from those matches, like some silly throw-in or corner that we conceded in that match that led to concession of a goal. I invested a lot of myself in those games, like I was trying to compensate for Liverpool being so bad at winning and sustaining any kind of success.

With this team it is different, though. I can’t remember half the goals that Salah, Mane or Firmino scored, not to mention other players, simply because there are so many of them, thankfully, and I grew up in the meantime, started my own family and started channeling my energy in a different manner. I do my best not to miss a minute of games, though (I think I failed to watch only three games since Klopp took over), because I appreciate every moment that Klopp and his lads spend at Liverpool. I doubt that it can get any better for this club, regardless of whether we win any trophy during their time here.

I do hope that we manage to win some more trophies - simply because I want Klopp personally to have won more trophies with Liverpool, he deserves it. As for myself, every game that Klopp manages Liverpool and lads like Van Dijk or Alisson or Henderson play for Liverpool is a trophy in itself. I’m more emotionally subdued than ever before, at least when it comes to Liverpool, but I cherish every second watching this team.


The thing that has me stewing is the frankly sportingly unfair nature of what we face. Chelsea and mainly City. Just not a level playing field. We have been denied trophies that would be ours in a level playing field. The Madrid CL final still rankles. That fucker Ramos should have seen red.
And this season, if anything VAR has made things worse for us. We should be at least 5 points better than where we are right now


I think you know you’re in the ‘good old days’ when you’ve previously lived through them. By the time we won the title in 1990 I was taking success for granted and probably not enjoying it as much as I should. I remember thinking that the days under Rafa was a golden age so god knows how you would describe this period.

It’s not just that we’re good and winning things again. It’s Klopp. He’s so perfect as a Liverpool manager. And the team seem such a great bunch of lads. You want them to do well for themselves not just for you. 18/19 is my favourite ever season supporting Liverpool. Hopefully this one will turn out even better.


There is a tinge of bitterness and resentment in the sense that this side under normal circumstances would have been going for its third straight title had financial doping not been allowed and a freaking pandemic not taking place. That’s how good they are. This is how it must have felt during the seventies and eighties. And the fact that everyone from the manager down to the ball boys is a decent human being makes it even better.

I’m grateful and proud for this team and the club in general and I am trying to soak it all in as much as possible because unfortunately it won’t last forever. But when that time comes, hopefully many years down the road, we’ll be able to say that we did it the right way.


Certainly trying to, but many definitely aren’t.

(the rest of this has turned into a rant about modern football so feel free to ignore and skip it)

But I think that’s a wider problem with the modern game than specificallly with Liverpool fans.

When we sign a player, the first thing asked is what will his wages be? how much did he cost? how will the payments be structured? Are their any add-ons etc.

Then when they start playing well like Diaz instead of just enjoying his talent it’s more about laughing at Spurs for not signing him, comparing how much United paid for Sancho etc. In fact, while it isn’t wrong to enjoy the demise of United and Everton, in general there’s far too much concern with what other clubs are doing instead of just enjoying what we’re doing.

When it comes to match day, once you’ve figured out when we’re playing (here’s a clue, it’s not 3pm Saturday because why would it be) it’s time to look at the all important line-up - No! not the players, the officials! Who’s the ref? Where was he born? Who’s the 4th official, who’s running the lines? Who’s on VAR. What were the results the last time they officiated?

Okay, now the actual line-up. Time to get behind the players? Why do that when you can start slagging them off or over-analysing the bench? No Hendo? We’re screwed! Keita playing - wonder how long he’ll manage to stay on the pitch for. Jones not even in the squad- Klopp must be angry with him.

Oh it’s kick off, - time for the in match analysis, by which i of course mean, pick a player and spend 90 minutes watching them and making sure to tell them to fuck off whenever they do anything wrong. But which player to pick? Jones, Naby and Ox aren’t playing so maybe have a go at Mané.

Match has finished, beat United 2-1. But that doesn’t matter -what do the expected goals stats say the score should have been? Who was at fault for the goal? What does Guardiola think about the result? Had FSG spent more money, could we have won 3-1?

Fast forward to the end of season, we’ve won a historic quadruple! Sure that’s great, but how big a transfer kitty does the prize money equate to?

Can’t enjoy any of it anyway because one day Klopp will leave and make me sad which means I can’t enjoy winning things now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying any of these things shouldn’t ever be discussed. But all too often it seems like winning games and fighting for honours is secondary to all the rest of it. And I’m guilty of some of this at times too.

We should enjoy what we’re experiencing as much as we can. Because nothing is guaranteed and nothing is forever in football.

Rant complete.


This encapsulates it very well. It’s the main point of satisfaction for me too. Whenever I get to watch a game, I know that the lads will play football the right way, and that there are good chances that it will be a good game, and that we will win it as well.

Winning trophies is of course great, especially when having to contend in such a distorted environment which is far, far away from any level-playing field. To see our club thriving in such challenging circumstances is nothing short of a miracle when considering where we were before Klopp came in.

Now, we are at a point where we can expect our lads to win most matches, and to win a trophy at the end of the season. It’s great, isn’t it? I guess that the older lads among us who were lucky enough to live through the former ‘golden times’ with Shankly, Paisley and Fagan must have lived it like we do now. Like a form of strange evidence. As if it wasn’t a freaking miracle, during which we need to take it in as much as we can.

I’m a bit like you. I was far more passionate about the club before and when Rafa was here. Houillier’s heart stroke after his treble season, the almost tragic circumstances leading from being on the cusp of greatness after Rafa’s arrival to his downfall under g+h. Then the scandal of Hodgson’s short tenure, Kenny’s return, the blatant, now in part addressed injustice regarding the 96, the false dawns, all this fueled my passion for this club, coupled with the absolute feeling that ‘something was not right’, that we weren’t at the level this club deserved to be, given its worldwide support, given the energy of the supporters, given its history (now, winning a game has become a sort of evidence, which is of course an illusion… it can go away very rapidly, I realize that).

The best part for me was just after Klopp came in. Everything he said, everything he did to reunite the club was so spot on, so accurate… I felt happy for the club, for the people of Liverpool. During that time, the claim of the families of the 96 was finally heard, a trial took place, there was also a public apology from the then-PM. The long pressure of perennial underperforming went down progressively.

As a result, I feel that we have gone back to being a more ‘normal’ club. The shades of tragedy surrounding it ever since Hillsborough, coupled with our long sporting eclipse, have been in great parts removed. Apparently, ‘normality’ is back. We win a lot of football matches and our lads lift trophies. The passion has gone back a bit for me, an effect of the aforementioned, but also circumstances of life, age etc.

But I enjoy that apparent ‘normality’ very much right now. Maybe not at the level it deserves, but it’s good. Long may it last! :crossed_fingers:


Absolutely spot-on. I cannot stand it.


I think this is more about people’s preoccupation with social media. What used to be discussions that people would have in the pub or in work with their mates are now being played out to a global audience on the internet with everyone and his dog allowed to chip in with their own opinion on your opinion.

It creates a lot of negative energy with some people taking up deeply entrenched positions determined to be proved right, even about trivial things like whether a certain player is any good or not. I am sure this has ruined the Liverpool experience for a lot of people. You see it on here with some people unable to let things go. It’s sad to see when there will never be a better time to support LFC.


And a fine rant it was.

However, I’m reminded of the story I heard on a podcast from a lad who used to regularly watch Liverpool in the eighties, and said that there were unreasonable fans back then. He told the story of going to watch Liverpool at the height of their eighties power put five past Norwich (I think) and hearing a lad behind shout ‘it’s good job these are shite Liverpool, because you’ve been fucking awful today’.


And it’s not just Liverpool fans. I remember having a huge fight with a girlfriend after she made me go to the pub with her male friends to watch England play Poland in a world cup qualifier in 97. Poland had just taken points off Italy and opened the door to us toping the group after having lost to Italy earlier in the group. If we beat Poland in Poland realistically all we needed to do was avoid defeat to Italy in our final game. Against Poland we took the lead almost immediately and controlled the rest of the game giving Poland almost no sniff before scoring a second very late on. It was a comfortable win earned in an unusually professional manner. Yet throughout the game I was surrounded by calls of all the players being shit and a fucking disgrace. I walked out at half time to go and watch the second half somewhere else not surrounded by fucking man babies. It didnt go down well with the missus, but it was so worth it.

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There will be some point in the future, hopefully a long time from now where we will look back at the Jurgen Klopp era and we will probably admit that we didn’t savour it enough.

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Are we happy savour is spelt savor in the thread title?

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As tragic as Hillsbourough was for the victims , the families , the city and lastly the club , its still imperative that LFC dont let their identity be entirely defined by that. Normality isnt necessarily bad.

I started supporting the club from 98 onwards and have seen the club nearly going into administration with the H&G era. Couple that with the near misses with Rafa and previously Souness(especially after the 01-02 season)… Rafa’s time along with the emergence of torres , xabi etc gave me some of my most immense memories as a liverpool fan. Then the takeover. Dalglish being appointed and sacked (it seemed to be a harsh decision at that time but FSG still managed to get it right). A daring move for Brendan which nearly paid off with Liverpool playing some fucking awesome football. The title could easily have come home then. Brendan proved he wasnt up to the job and FSG took the right decision in Klopp whos revigorized the club from Day 1.

You just cant quantify the effect that Klopp has had on the club on the whole. There was never a time in Klopp’s reign when i havent been grateful that he was the guy leading us. That includes the initial few years and even when our challenge imploded (under the weight of injuries to our defenders last season). Klopp stuck firmly to the principle that adding more defenders wasnt feasible and got us to 3rd with what was thought of as a championship level defense.

We are blessed to have such a legend with our club and this time i intend to savour as much as i can.

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And has been said before. We did it the right way. We didnt have the money to replace people like how City did with their wingbacks. We have had to choose our high profile targets carefully and we have had to couple those with lower profile targets and revitalizing the youth academy (which went to rot post Rafa).

This is something the oil clubs can never do.