Are we savoring these times enough?

I don’t know that I’ve ever made a new thread on here before. Anyway…

I’m on my hols in Mexico and am drunk, but I got to wondering - are we savoring these times like we should? Not only are Liverpool one of the best clubs in world football, but United are circling the fucking drain. I have too much fun winding my manc-supporting brother in law up, but are we savoring these times enough? They won’t last forever. We need to be sucking the marrow out of these years, boys.


Drunk at your time, well done … :+1:


Definitely times to savour.


I think about this line from The Office quite a lot.

These are the good old days we’ll talk about in five, ten, twenty years time. Just like the 70s and 80s were talked about when I was growing up.

Take every ounce of joy you can from them, we know how long the gap between the good times can be.


We won’t fully appreciate these days until they’re gone. So it goes.


These really are great times. We’re winning stuff. Our manager is a legend in ways that goes beyond the results that have been delivered. We’ve got a side to proud of. And Everton and Utd are jokes. I want to say something profound but I’ve got nothing.

We play Arsenal tomorrow - Smash them, they’re shit.


Totally agree. Revelling in it. It’s all made more poignant by the fact that we know Klopp is leaving in a couple of years and Mo maybe in a couple of months. We may still only win the Kangaroo cup this season, but it’s been great so far.


I would be enjoying it a lot more if not for the global situation at the moment, and quite frankly the doom-and-gloom mentality of so many other fans. The latter especially takes a lot out of the enjoyment of the one thing that gives that thrill that only participating in a sport or watching one brings. I was thinking of dropping off even here, if not for the amazing work of @Magnus and @Livvy in providing the updates they do.

There’s just way too much negativity surrounding what has every right to be called the best team in the world. It’s easier if I just passively spectate, muting out all other noise around like commentary or fans. So much knee-jerking, if only to get to be the first to stick the boot into our team. Not sure how much longer I can be bothered with it.


I am, yes. Ever since we won the league I’ve been extremely relaxed about LFC, to the point where I almost stopped watching. But then I kept doing it, because I enjoy it. I just cut out everything surrounding it for long periods.

And that’s kind of where I am now as well. Definitely savoring what we have, watching the games, not thinking much about what happens in two months or two years. There’s a chance these years are as good as it gets for us, there will be plenty of opportunity to wish for better times in the future. So yes, enjoy.


FFS…I’m doing my best to take the piss out of Utd!

Is that not enough?!?!?


I def need a new hobby…

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NO!!! No. I’m never gonna have anymore kids. I need your incessant shitposting, you beautiful bastard….


I need to cut down as well :open_mouth:

Anyhow I’m enjoying it, maybe in some strange way I’m not noticing it but I assume looking forward to games says you are enjoying it.


And yet there’s still bitching and moaning about FSG and Klopp’s decisions. It really does beggar belief. I’m on cloud nine and intend to stay there. Atletico have helped :slight_smile:


A wank, I think……

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Not enough 3-0’s and/or 0-3’s, not good enough! :wink:

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i know i am personally not.

i love everything about this football team at the moment, and it would be statistically probably the greatest mini era in our history if not for the unfair playing landscape (i.e cheaters)

i dont watch all of our games, im not desperate to get over to watch us…im just at a time in my life where local football takes precedence(coaching the kids etc etc), family finances and time with the family takes precedence…so im regretfully not fully absorbing how great this team is at the level i would have if it happened circa 1995-2010, i know ill ‘regret’ not living the moment as much…until i realise what im prioritising over it.

its not to say i dont realise the magnitude of this moment, im just not savoring it as much as i would have thought i would.

i love it so much that we have done it without the cheat code on…thats probably my most proud feeling, but i also love the players general additude to life, and the football we play is, when it is at its best, exactly how i want to see football played.


I def like seeing goldbridge and porky whinge whine and rant.

I like seeing the bitters all clutch at straws etc etc…

So heck yeah , i am savouring these times


650 of your posts are about Goldbridge.


It is fun seeing the once arrogant manure turds come down to earth. A veey pleasing side effect of liverpool playing brilliant football.

It isnt going to last forever but im going to enjoy these moments as long as they last.

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