Arthur MELO: 2022/23 (on loan from Juventus)

One thing that might work in our favour with this guy… whether he is shit or not… Due to his ‘up-in-the-air’ circumstances, got a feeling he might put the rest of our squad on alert as he will be trying harder than anyone else on the pitch… Might just rub off on those that are sleep-walking at the moment

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Considering he’s said to be back by February, I think all this talk is a little harsh on him?

If he turns out to be completely useless you lot may yet have a point, but I think given all the issues we’ve had this season he may play a vital role yet.


If he can help us even a little bit, great. We need every % we can get out of this squad to achieve our minimal goals this season.


He was once a very good player. Maybe not Liverpool 2021-22 good, but certainly a mile better than most of what we’ve seen this season. If he can get to anything close to his previous form, albeit form we havent seen for several years, he could be a big asset if the rest of the midfield fails to refind their form.


Yeah nothing on him. It’s the club that really fcked up. Why did anyone think that bringing an injury prone player to provide cover for our injury prone midfielders that too on loan would be a brilliant idea is beyond me.

That’s the same problem we have had for years now, players like Lallana, Ox, Shaq, etc. who are supposed to cover for players when injured are themselves out injured when needed.

It would be great like, I just think Klopp is a hard man to please and I just can’t see this lad having the time to prove it.

It’s the almost inevitable result of only starting to do anything about a gap that late in the window. Once they found themselves with the realization they had the move for him made sense. The issue was denying anything needed to be done until that late.


He might come on and score the winner in the Champions league final. :woozy_face::woozy_face:


Wasn’t the rationale simply that we had so any injuries by that point, either longer-term (Oxlade-Chamberlain, Keïta), or uncertain return dates (Thiago, Henderson), that his transfer became necessary?

Think if the latter two didn’t get the injuries they did we may not have seen him sign, but then again we might well have if we thought that he might be a longer-term option that we could use a try-before-you-buy on.

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I assume we moved for Caciedo before but then they refused it and we moved for Melo as it was an easy stop gap.

The mistake as suggested was leaving it til then.

My impression is that we weren’t looking to bring in a midfielder unless it was one of our main targets, but we only moved for one when we needed one and he was one of the options that we already had in mind, and whom we could actually sign.

Just speculation though mind.

That’s what it seemed like with the press reporting. Maybe it indicates that had we had a war chest we were willing to burst open we could have forced Brighton’s hand for a player we wanted. But we arent that club

EDIT: Sorry @Mascot That should have been “tested their resolve”.

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