Best Moments of the Season So Far

And when they do…I’m going to be really chavvy…and have fireworks going off in the back garden…someone near me did when the won no.6…and I thought next time…that’ll be me…


I vote that when the next best moment happens, we close this thread and the op starts a version 2.

Best moments were old toilet emptying and our fans sign mo Salah song and ole at the wheel and some of their fans videoing our fans singing as they left, so enjoyable.

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No need to close and reopen the thread after today.

City failing to get into a CL final (again).
Utd getting thumped 4-0 at Brighton.


In terms of Liverpool, let’s wait until the season is over…we still have so much to play for.

@Sandoftime did put so far in thread title :grinning::grinning:

We could have waited for this… I feel it’s a bit of jinx.

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