Big Forum Update

Not the same :cry:


Is there any update on the Twitter/X integration?

Threads like the Middle East one load back miles when you click on latest post.

Hi the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen seems to have disappeared for me with the latest updates that have taken place @ISMF

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Can we directly link to Threads like with Twitter?

Can someone bring a flat white, no sugar?

Hi, @ISMF . I hope that your wife is doing better.

I know you’ve clearly got other priorities at the moment, but can you please have a look at the poll settings when you get a chance?

It’s not coming up for me; don’t know if it’s related to the latest update. Thanks.

It normally comes up here:

Hi ,

Who is sorting out the Euros 2024 groups? We usually have a separate section.

Usually @Nikola used to do it

Is it really necessary? There’s a dedicated Euro 2024 thread; surely that’s enough? :man_shrugging:


Okay, fair enough.


Like Mo, Maria goes on a run, causing confusion and mayhem in the penalty area.

Like Virgil, Cynnie steps in and calmly restores order with the minimum of fuss.

Well played!