Big shoes to fill - Who will be the next Liverpool manager?

I think I would prefer that we won the title.

Rodgers wouldn’t have got more time, FSG would have acted in the event of an expected fall off next season anyway.

Regarding Klopp arriving, well in my view that was inevitable. The stars align sort of stuff. That was destiny.

And “the slip” was one moment that opposing fans, and some of our own use to define a season. Usually at the humiliation of Gerrard…

A bit unfair in the whole scheme of things.


Last thing we need after years of injuries is even more injuries.


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Only if he promises to bring his ice bucket with him.

Read a report that the guy from Ipswich Town - Kieran McKenna could well be considered as a ‘dark horse’ in the race to replace Jurgen. Not seen any other evidence that this might be the case though.
While storming through the Championship, winning lots of games and his team scoring plenty of goals, he is still only 37yrs of age, which to me, would make him a non-starter from lack of experience and lack of past achievements.
Plenty of potential. most probably, but we are talking LFC, a multi-billion pound monster that has been carefully nurtured for the past decade. Not sure Edwards and FSG will place their baby in the hands of just anyone, to be juggled by potential alone.


Too be honest he may be a ‘safer’ bet than some others touted.

…except, he also worked under the tutelage of OGS at Old Toilet :0)

He has learnt what not to do at the wheel? :rofl:
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I am leaning towards Nagelsmann. Way more big club experience.

Hopefully learnt from his past mistakes.

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The problem is big club experience means bugger all.

Just look at Mourinho and Van Gaal, both had lots of big club experience and were utter shite at Utd


I’m not so sure that winning the league would have seen such a large fall off by us the following season. The options for potential signings would have been so much better. I think instead we would have seen a much more tapered decline.

Pity Luis Enrique isn’t an option. Or maybe he will when PSG make their annual early exit from Europe.

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I’ve always seen Bielsa as more of a theorist than an actual manager.

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After I did a bit of research again, i discovered that Amorin and his Sporting side knocked out Legoman’s Arsenal out of the Europa League last season, what’s not to like :upside_down_face: I wasn’t really interested last year tbh.

Then I found this guy again and I have to leave that video here. (his room is really fascinating imo)


I somewhat doubt it, plus he looks like a better looking Phil Neville.

Would be the type of appointment we make if we knew Alonso was open to a move in 12 months.

Because it’s United.

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And not to mention how dire his defense was in Leeds.

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Both were absolute dinosaurs by the time they pitched up at United, Nagelsmann is younger than me lol.

Also, not convinced they were the main problem at United…

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Mourinho has a plan. Get a solid contract, do well for 1-2 seasons, then act like a wanker for the next, get sacked, get a golden handshake, move onto next club and do the same, he’s made a fortune.


He now just does a year and acts like a wanker.


I think he acts like a wanker from day one. He plays talented teams like they are relegation fodder, parking the bus, and by the middle of season 2, everyone is sick of his shit.