The Hunt for Klopp’s Successor

We’ve all read the news, watched the interview, and shed a few tears.

The big discussion now, that needs a place to live - who will be the next Liverpool manager.

Seems like the vast majority of us are going to want Alonso, myself included, but it will be a long 4-5 months until we find out.

The other thing that needs sorting out is the Sporting Director/DoF role.

FSG have a lot of hard work to do.

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Xabi Alonso.

Possibly Emery or De Zerbi as left field choices but no one else.


Only Xabi… there’s no one else I would feel can keep us competitive…


My shortlist:

  1. Xabi Alonso.

That is all.


Right now I don’t want anyone! I’m fucking devastated. I thought he’d be here for a long time :frowning:


Sickeningly sad. I would like 14 days at least before I engage in the discussion of who should ideally take over.

This weekend will be one of grief.



Everyone else can fuck off.

My gut feeling is it will be Pep Ljinders. Not sure who there is with a proven ability like Klopp would be available - I think that was a unique situation, but I wouldn’t say no to Xabi returning.

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I think I’d actually be pleased if we got Xabi. Imagine we win the league this season, Xabi then inherits a strong team. Pretty exciting really! If Jurgen is tired then he’s just not going to be effective - he’s a real intense kinda guy. Just worried it may derail our league push this season - hopefully it does the opposite.


100% not. Thank fuck. That sausage is leaving too for management opportunities and he’ll definitely be found out.


The club have confirmed hes leaving, along with the other coaches.

Pep wont be in charge, and im pleased about that.


Klopp to Palace…lump on haha

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I can see it having the opposite effect. For some of the youngsters they may see they have more chances but the older guys may think this is it.

The players will have known for a month I reckon which is interesting because this last month we’ve looked a lot better.


Me too. I’m just being positive. I would have preferred it wasn’t announced until after season over (even if a few ppl already knew)


If the press found out it would be drip drip.

It’s a horrible thing just to have hit us but at least we haven’t had months of him going and he’s given the club the time to not rush.

We know it now, he will leave at the end of the season, no what ifs. Though if it’s Xabi I doubt we will find out for ages.


I know they say you should never get back with your ex, but Jurgen if you change you mind we’ll be here for you. I’ll be stood outside your window, boombox above me head

Failing that I suppose Xabi is the stand out young manager atm. Potential long term success seems most likely tied in with him.


Alonso would be my first choice, but that comes with the worry that if he’s successful here then RM will come knocking and I don’t know how long he could ignore that.

I’d rather have the success of 3-4 years than pick someone obviously unsuited to us


Maureen’s always loved us, maybe embracing the chaos to really get the most out of Darwin is the way forward

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I just hope we win the PL and have an open topped bus parade…
There will be millions and millions lining the streets to wave him off