Biggest Italian team rival

Unusual thread but i thought I’d drop it here and get some proper feedback.

Here’s the deal.

I’m English and have been a Liverpool fan since we lost to Arsenal in the cup in 71.

I moved to America in 73 and have been here since.

A couple of years ago a good mate of mine, an American of Italian descent and i were engaging in banter due to the England-Italy Euro final. (You remember…the one we lost)

My friend is completely ignorant about proper football but in spite of this obvious character flaw, he is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

When Italy failed to qualify for this years world cup, losing to North Macedonia you know i had to dish it back.

Long story short he is intrigued now about the game of football and the culture of club devotion.

He called me today and said he wants to support an Italian team that periodically plays Liverpool so that we can exchange banter.

We chatted and i explained the only way we play italian teams is at the tournament level.

He wants to support an italian club that is likely to play us yet he’d also like to support a team that is not really popular in Serie A either.

I told him I’d look into it.

His family is from Southern Italy/Sicily and he’d like to support local but that doesn’t hold much promise.

I suggested Roma but wanted to put it out there.

Any thoughts lads?

In Recent History Napoli jump out as the ones we face off against the most from memory, but I might be wrong.


Napoli is the most southern, but didn’t make the Champions this year.

Atalanta are the team that has replaced them the last couple of years and is much less ‘popular’ than the Milan clubs, Juve or Roma.

Pick less popular team and they probably won’t make champions league with any regularity. Pick a popular teams and they’re mostly northern and, well, popular.


Currently 3rd so will be back for next years CL.

Atalanta not even in European places atm.


The only Italian team we have any real rivalry with would be AC Milan. But they’ll be quite a popular team in Italy so if he wanted to look for more obscure and south, who are also relatively likely to be in Europe then Napoli would have to be the one at the moment. They’ve got the whole Maradona connection as well.


Ive always liked Roma’s kit but Milan were my side when Football Itália was on TV.

I was willing them to win last night so there must still be some support for them inside me


Tough to suggest any club off hand. But if he needs a team which plays a good style of football , atalanta is probably his best bet.

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you cant ‘pick’ a team…the team picks you…it has to be an ‘organic’(sorry) moment in time…

my suggestion is tell him to start watching football for himself, and wait for the magic to happen…


Thank you everyone for your considered input.

I’ll share the link with Tony and let’s see what he does!

Thanks lads!

I think you cannot go too far from Ac Milan. The 2 CL final in 2005, which is a classic etched in history and then for them to put one over us in 2007, is an Italian rivalry that is worthy in terms of stature and history too. And if our investors also buy AC Milan, it will be an even more basis for comparison.

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