Blud, it's the Arsenal thread, fam

Arteta worked for confirmed doper Pep. No surprises he’d bring the cheating with him to Arsenal.

Frankly it would be expected so I’m not too bothered.

It is usually Liverpool who run into those kinds of runs. In 01/02 Arsenal won their last 13 League games; in fact their last 16 games were 15 wins and a draw. In 08/09 United set a club record of 11 consecutive league wins, between Boxing Day and March, and then eight wins and a draw in their last nine. In 13/14 City won their last six league games, and in 18/19 they won 18 of their last 19.

It’ll be interesting to see if anything is said about these purely coincidental winning streaks now that another club are the victims.



Nice to be able to laugh at it for once. Or maybe not.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Considering what Klopp did in his first 5 year, what Arteta has done from a better place isn’t very good.

I assume we will not get 500 columns on it though.


Piers Morgan not understanding context shocker.


…and if his team hadn’t rolled over time and again against The Cheaters each season… and managed to take more points off them - it might have just made the difference between us finishing first, rather than second on a few occasions

You only got 89 points….thats a shite 2nd.


:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: Wtaf!

Glad it came back to bite Arteta in the ass.

Let’s see what the new season brings. Don’t think some important players will leave them and surely they will have to add some more because their squad is not really big but dealing with the new CL format and bigger squads will be a new challenge for Arteta.

Can definitely see them challenging again but Arteta has to deliver some trophies now or some of their better players (Gabriel, Saliba, Ödegaard, Saka,…) might try to look for a way out in 2025.



They are going need a bigger squad, that luck won’t hold on injuries.

Unless there is something we don’t know.

Drugs. Arteta learned from his guru.


Paging for @cynicaloldgit who would be having Arsenal fans among his friends… Or family… Or acquaintances.

Once you’ve built a team as good as this Arsenal side are it becomes really difficult to improve further, with every attempt you make to do so representing a risk of unbalancing something that was previously working.

The obvious place to look is up front, but so much of what is good about Arsenal’s game comes from the other things their strikers give them. Whether it is Havertz, Jesus or even Trossard, whoever they play there is a key factor in them being as hard to play against as they are. A swap for someone like Osimhen that will force them to adjust how they play doesn’t necessarily make them better when the impact on all of the other parts are taken into account.

Going and finding their Bobby is the obvious answer apart from the challenge of finding that person. Do they bank on sticking with Havertz and him really growing into the role and then maybe finding another midfielder to add creativity and goals from midfield? They can maybe go an find someone to offer more goals from LW, although Trossard did well playing largely from that position. Someone to give Saka more rest so when he plays he is fresher may help.

It’s tough, there are areas you would expect them to look at it, but they are already at the point where its difficult to find signings who will improve them and so success probably looks like someone like Trossard who can come in and retain the standards of the guy he replaced. Can they realistically make a leap forward to 93-94 points like that? That is tough to see, and they are now the point that you have to start thinking of the “window” to win things starting to close. If the best they do next year is another deep CL run and a second place finish you will start seeing some restlessness among their more high profile players.

Either way, its going to be a fascinating season for them.


One of my prize possessions is my 1991 UNLV undefeated season, back to back NCAA champions T-shirt. Purchased cheap in Indianapolis when they lost in the national semi-final.

I’d buy a boxload of these cheap and sell them at Spurs games…


keep them at Ebay or something 10 years down the line.