Board, Card and Travel Games

Couldn’t find a thread for this and as the damp holidays are here, thought we could exchange our favs. Don’t play Risk on a board, play it on phones, tablets. Very bery good and quick too. Goes without saying that Monopoly and Scrabble rule but for a little diversity:

Full board games.
We’re currently on Ticket to Ride. You need to build railways across America. Sounds a bit dull but once you get the strategy of it, it’s brilliant.

Really Nasty Horse Racing Game. Nobble your opponents horses, speed your own up or make them fall. Brilliant strategy again.

Balderdash, re-inventing the meaning of words. Classic fun

Rapido, Pictionary with plasticine.

Card Games.
Love Wizard, a variation on Bridge but easier.
Sleepy Queens, fabulous and never leaves Mrs Handbag for pubs, restaurants etc.
Top Trumps. All and any, brilliant maths lessons for young kids

Travel games. (I saw this next to the couch and made me think about setting this up)
Heckmeck. A German dice and domino game that’s all about collecting worms. The toy shop owner in Ambleside recommended it so we went for it. Always take a recommendation in a specialist shop! There’s an expansion pack too called extrawurm. Brilliant game and would make a fab alternative game come Christmas. Can’t say enough good things about it. Kids 8 and above I’d say.

Best of the lot for small children, Who Knows Who’s Nose. Buy this when they’re 2/3 and have hours of fun. Basic and fabulous.


I don’t play many card games but our family (at least back to my granddad) played Euchre when we all met up. When my pop was around that would usually be for sheep stations - someone would always get upset and not speak to anyone for a couple of hours when they lost.

But we still play whenever we meet up with my folks and siblings, usually 6 handed because there are too many of us. Over the last week I have been learning Belote, a French/European sort-of equivalent. My kids have learned it these holidays so it makes me look stupid not knowing how to play!

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We tend to take the card based ones. UNO is a favourite. We also have one called Skip-Bo which is good (not sure if that is available in the UK)

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I read the thread title and thought it’s about Vegas and Macau :macau:. Anyway, the most popular board game here is Ludoo or Snakes & Ladders.

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Same this way re. Uno. Also Monopoly Deal is a good un.

Personally, I’ve always loved scrabble too.


In terms of board games, we play Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Monopoly, Hotel.

Another good card game and easy for kids to pick up is Mille Bornes. That is a go-to when travelling with hours in trains or when camping.

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Would Dominoes count as a travel game then? Was surprised how popular it was in Turkey, both times I went I’ve always played a few games at the bar with a couple of shots after spending the whole afternoon on the beach…then we’d carry on playing amongst us back at the villa.

Pretty keen poker/blackjack player, whether it’s for a bit of money or not I can always spare a few hours. Solitaire was fun to play for a short while. Not so much a card game but I had a weird thing for collecting yugi-oh cards back in the day.

Main go to board games are Chess & Monopoly (original version of course), I’m sure everyone’s at some point played connect 4 and battleship, so pretty much most the main/popular ones that were around in my time.


I forgot to mention Back Gammon. We have a travel set that we often take. The only problem with that and chess is that only 2 can play at a time so it limits it as a family activity.


I’ll be honest I still don’t know what the object of the game is, remember looking at a BG table once thinking “Nah, this looks way too complicated and would have too many complex hidden rules to get into this” :smiley:

Well, unless you have 2 boards between a family…then ya 4 get playing at any time.

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It’s actually remarkably similar to Ludo.

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Nothing beats poker or blackjack when it comes to card games.

Unless you’ve got no mates, then I can personally recommend solitaire

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We play this with the kids, great game. Also recommend Exploding Kittens.

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Yep, great game :slight_smile:

Ticket to Ride is a favorite in our house. Gets feisty when people get blocked
Settlers of Catan is another big one. Seafarers Expansion added another element of water
But number one is cribbage
Cards against Humanity
Pass the Ace/Chase the Ace

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Secret Hitler is a great game if you can get together 6-10 players (7 is the ideal amount imo).

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Best not to play with anyone with anxiety though…

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Indeed, it definitely suits those of a deceitful nature.

Should be right up your street @Klopptimist :wink: