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Rage is not rational.

The only people laughing are the fascists.

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In the category of “Perhaps Brexit is not going completely swimmingly”.

Just in case someone wonders, I obviously don’t think there is even a 0.01 chance for this to actually happen, for many and varied reasons (one of which includes Norway being not interested, at all, with a super sensitive conflict with the UK).


Bring back Maggie.

She’d deploy a fleet to take back the Orkneys.

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Nobody with real power is going to care, but the fascist dicatorship (Azerbadjan are arguably, apart from the economy aspect, a true fascist state) is going to invade Armenia again.

They have blockaded the small Armenian enclave for many weeks now and the UN has reported that there is serious risk of starvation there as , it is an old fashioned siege.

Personally, I absolutely hate the Azeri regime and brain washed zombie massed with a passion, but it’s not as if there is anything I can do about it. Armenians always gets massacred, tortured and displaced, that is just how history is. And nothing has changed.


‘Israel launches biggest operation in years’ … or at least since the last one two weeks ago ; The Middle East Thread - #17 by peterroberts

The new extremist government of Israel is making it perfectly clear that it has no qualms about bombing civilian populations in the occupied territories. Their plan is to force an exodus and (some of them at least) are not shy about admitting that either.

I was reading an article from Haaretz jn which they said the IDF were now not just turning a blind eye to settler violence but pretty much enabling it.

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Is that news?

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It is a fairly small operation using commandos, but it is the biggest operation in the West Bank in years. Some misread the headline I think.

The reasons are many and varied, but it is all mostly Israel’s fault as the occupier. What triggered this from the Israeli side, is that they have found Iran to have armed Islamic Jihad there in the West Bank and Islamic Jihad is admitting it in speeches. This is a so called Israeli red line for various reasons (they are afraid that the more extreme wing in the territories will gain certain military capabilities and so on), so for them it is time to mow the lawn as they say in Israel.

This has been simmering for years of course apart from Iranian weapons coming in, is always inevitable when the Israelis hold such an iron grip on the population and favours their own settlers to a mildly stating, alarming degree.

I think nothing will change until the United States change their approach to Israel. But iron-clad support for Israel is cemented in the American populace for…reasons.


Just in case someone is interested. (note the pro-israeli sources, they are obviously skewed yet gives a picture):

Sevel pictures of small air strikes and minor explosions, but I can’t be bothered to post everything I read.

I think this particular video clip is very telling about Israel. You see how this car is dstroyed in an operation ? That’s not wrong in itself, what IS wrong is that the Iraelis NEVER pay compensation for anything they destroy in these operation and then they some how arrogantly think that this will not create more hate. Civilised armies would be offer compensation for destroyed property, IDF seldom ever does.

At least all the dead are Palestinian combatants/jihadists. The operations seems fairly focused as such, with very minor munitions used compared to what I am used to watching.

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Just some Pro Islamic Jihad stuff for balance
There are a couple of pictures of dead fighters, but due to propaganda, the sources doesn’t inform you that they are fighters. I don’t see the point in posting them since it is just faces with dead eyes and doesn’t really show anything but a dead person.

The reason they use armoured bulldozers is of course that they want to remove barricades and etc., and it is used pretty much as a tank, where infantry advances behind it (in the previous video you can see jihadists shoot at one)

Might include civilians, I have no idea. often it does, often it does not. But if this continues for long, it sure will.

Anyway, I think nothing much but many destroyed lives and liveliihood will happen unless Hamas joins in (which I doubt, since it is such a short time since israel cracked down upon them, so their military capabilities haven’t regenerated to a manner where I think they can actually threaten israel much).

Nothing much will happen I think. IDF goes in, destroys and liquidates a lot of militants as well as ammo depots, then eventually withdraws. Militants fight back, are defeated and there is as always a negotiated cease fire, usually with Egypt or Jordan. Obviously civilian infrastructure will also be destroyed and some civilians are likely to die, many will get wounded.

Rinse and repeat in a few years. Nothing will change, unless America changes.


It totally obscures the fact that those combatants/jihadists were fighting the invaders/occupiers! Why is being focused or minor munitions even be justified?


Did I come across as if I supported this ?

Mentioning that they use minor munitions is interested because using major would cause significant civilian collateral. Mentioning that as far as I know, the dead so far admitted by hospitals, (but I may be mistaken as some more are definately dead but not yet written down) are fighters is not exactly wrong.

Palestine/Palestinians is one of the very few issues that still makes me rage. Whenever I read a media report, it feels like it’s their fault they still exist. It seems like my rage was directed at you. Sorry if I have offended you.


I think it is. The IDF has had an erratic history around the issue, not least because they are not monolithic and there are plenty of settler-sympathizers. But they have acted as a restraining force in the past. Pretty damn clear that is not what the orders say now.

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Just to add another reason why the Israelis have gone in so hard this time is that during the last incursion they had to mount rescue operations for their troops whose armoured vehicles were paralysed by IEDs. Those bulldozers are also being used to tear up the roadsides to the access routes in and out of Jenin looking for said devices.

Just as maddening is the almost total indifference to the suffering of the civilian populations both in the West Bank and Gaza. A new nadir was reached with Trump’s Abraham Accords and the acceptance that most Arab nations who once paid lip-service to their ‘brothers’ struggle , have now decided that trade with Israel (particularly counter-insurgency technology) is more important than Arab solidarity.


Arab nations left Palestine high and dry a long time back after the Arab-Israel war. They were having clandestine relations with Israel all the while. What Trump did was to ensure that these relations are being openly displayed now.

The matter of Palestinians and their suffering means squat now. Iran can try and do something but with the new Saudi-Iran deal brokered by China , They aren’t going to do anything much either. This gives confidence to the Israeli regime that whatever they do , The rest of the countries aren’t going to do much except mere posturing.

As hard as it might be to digest , I think it’s high time that the Palestinians move out of the land. It is their land and they’ve been for lack of a better word… screwed over. But nothing is going to change for them , infact , things are only going to get worse. Surely , living in other countries is preferable to being continuously bombed by Israel.

And this is just the realist in me thinking that the ground reality is only going to get worse. I’m totally against Israel’s atrocities and human rights abuses. But as they say, might is right