Bundesliga / German NT

Yeah don’t throw this away Dortmund

Come on, Dortmund, do what you always do, screw up this season even worse… A man up, a goal up, the stage is set.

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I don’t usually care who wins the Bundesliga but after seeing how Bayern went about their business few months ago, I’d love nothing more than to see Dortmund win it.

I’m sure Klopp will be delighted, gets to see his 2 of his beloved clubs going at it on finale week.

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Come on Dortmund. Bayern will blame Mane if they don’t win it.


Only one person to blame well several but they are the ownership.

Sacking Nagelsmann was an absolute joke, they wouldn’t have remained in Europe but they’d have this won.

Oh a fight now :joy:

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Dortmund are trying their best against 10 men.

Remind me of us in some cases :joy:

Wtf are Dortmund doing! 0-1 up and one man up but playing as if they’re one man down. Frequently losing the ball.

Shocking game management, it really has been…they look scared whenever Augsburg enter their half.

Halllllllller 2-0

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0-3 job done


Will the Dortmund vs Mainz game be on Sky Deutschland or is it that konferenz thing again?

Will be on Sky as Single and in the Konferenz.

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Levekusen threw this away

I´m very much a Dortmund fan today, but given the way this season has gone, Dortmund will probably draw with Mainz, but Bayern will lose in Cologne. No matter how… please please Dortmund just do it and get the thing!


Is it worth doing a sweeps on the various Spursy ways Dortmund can fuck this up?

Come on BVB :crossed_fingers:


Bayern lead and move to the top of the table on goal difference 👀


Oh shit. It’s going Spursy.

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ffs Mainz scored