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@sandsoftime I think I’ll keep looking into the C3 and it’s 1000s of versions.

I used to be able t run as fast as that thing (down hill, following wind and ready to roll).

Lamborghini gets a new logo
For the first time in over two decades, Lamborghini has redesigned its iconic Raging Bull logo for the modern era.

“The restyling is driven by a new strategy that involves adapting the brand’s visual expression to better reflect the “brave”, “unexpected”, and “authentic” values of its mission, namely “Driving Humans Beyond”, a concept that translates into the intention to always go beyond the limits, standards, and conventions,” said the Italian supercar maker.

The logo’s evolution is part of Lamborghini’s broader transformation into a brand focused on decarbonization and sustainability, and will not only adorn its vehicles but also impact its corporate identity as a whole.

The new Raging Bull badge is redefined by broader Lamborghini script and a new colour palette that is “minimal yet bold,” said the brand.

As such, black and white have been revived as the primary hues while yellow and a new gold tone are now employed as accent colours.

The bull in the centre of the logo has also undergone a major metamorphosis and now features individually on the company’s digital channels, separated from the classic surrounding shield for the first time, “to lend it even greater performance,” said Lamborghini.

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It’s quite satisfying to know that someone got paid to do that and write all the guff about it. Or is it all done with AI these days?

I’m still waiting for a sports car manufacturer to adopt a logo that supports their brand’s aspirations: a cock and balls.

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You’ll usually find the cock behind the steering wheel.

Or a hairdresser

You’d find a cock behind a hairdresser? I didn’t know they were that kinky :rofl:

I’d love that, purely for the road rage I’d cause.

:+1: One step up from a golf buggy :0)

What a place, beautiful.

Mine has more character

That is awesome. I’ve got respect to people that can pull stuff like that off, and do it well.

I’ve always been fascinated by early 90s Mercedes-Benzes, and I was wondering how feasible it would be to do a BEV electromod on those. Think W124, W140 (and possibly R107, R129).