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What happened at the corner?

It turned into an Aspas? :man_shrugging:

I didn’t want to think about that.

Corner Viutv GIF

Where’s Walt?

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RIP Top Gear.

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By “rest” they presumably mean wait until someone reboots it as they have done before.

Was thinking the same thing. My bet is probably 2-2.5 years and someone will start feeding the idea of relaunching it

Further proof that Jeremy Clarkson is a genius.

Do you mean he will be invited to redo it?

Top Gear died 8 years ago

They can’t afford his tractor diesel now.

I don’t think I’ve watched many episodes since Clarkson left. It just wasn’t the same.


I’m the same. It just felt like a generic car show although I did like Matt le Blanc and I thought Rory Reid was interesting, although more as a straight journalist.

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I quite liked the programme, and after some awkward line ups post Clarkson, that didn’t really click, I thought the latest trio were starting to find a bit of rhythm.

Not sure what happened with the Freddie Flintoff accident - he had a penchant for driving to the limit, definitely beyond his skills, and he came across as a bit of fearless daredevil. What I don’t know is how much he was put up to that by the Beeb, or how much they tried to rein him in. He got a large payoff, so that indicates the Beeb was at least somewhat culpable, even if the statement after the fact is a less than committal ‘lessons will be learned’ sort of thing.

The images I have seen of Flintoff are many months later, and he is wearing a hat and glasses, and his face still looks messed up. Glad he survived.

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On the car front, I test drove a new CRV and Accord this morning, trying to decide between which one and will then pull the trigger. I like different things about both, but probably lean towards the CRV.

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Nov 21 (Reuters) - A Florida judge found “reasonable evidence” that Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk and other managers knew the automaker’s vehicles had a defective Autopilot system but still allowed the cars to be driven unsafely, according to a ruling.

This is about selling their Autopilot system as self-driving rather than a driver-assist system. Unfortunately, it is probably quite damaging to the the transport sector in general.

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Now this is a hell of a gimmick, well done too :slight_smile: Still ugly as a bucket of frogs.

Well, I just looked up the spec:

Power 857 PS; Torque: 10,296 lb⋅ft

By comparison the Porsche: 385 PS; 332 lb⋅ft at 1,950–5,000 rpm

The Tesla Mad Max thing weighs twice as much but you can see why it would be faster. They are completely different vehicles.

the real comparison is when you get similar types of vehicles doing the same sort of job. The electric ones nearly always win because there is no gearbox to contend with.

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So I’ve started a new car search. Decided to look for a estate that is cheap to run, low emissions etc. I have no need for a vehicle to impress etc. it’s a “get me to work, put wet dog in back and carry stuff vehicle as cheaply and efficiently as possible”

So I started looking around on the second hand market. Facbook market place, and I shit you not, what a hole of scams that place is. Not sure I’d trust 80% of the adverts within 40 miles of home on there at the moment.

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