Champions League Quarter and Semi Final draw

The Champions League Quarter and Semi Final draw is on Friday, March 18 at 11am GMT.

Man City (5-0 first leg lead)

Likely to join them
Chelsea (2-0 first leg lead)
Atletico (1-1 first leg of their friendly bye)

Real or PSG
Ajax or Benfica
Juve or Villareal

While the CL is all about facing big European sides, I’d really like an easier draw so we aren’t too shagged out for the PL. However if we get a big side - Bayern or Real/PSG - then I won’t be too disappointed. Most importantly though I don’t want Citeh to get yet another easy game as its imperative that they are under pressure and having to be fully focussed in all their CL games if we want them to drop points in the PL.

So ideally something like this…

winners of Citeh v Real/PSG to play winners of Bayern v Chelsea
Liverpool v Ajax/Benfica then winners of Juve or Villareal vs Atletico

Which team(s) do you want to avoid in the QF and SF draw?
  • Citeh
  • Chelsea
  • Bayern
  • Real/PSG
  • Athletico
  • Juventus/Villareal
  • Ajax/Benfica

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I want to avoid Atletico because I want to enjoy watching football, which is practically impossible with that lot.


Agreed. Maybe I should change the poll and allow multiple votes?

I want to avoid Bayern. Us against them in the final would be an unbelievable game.


City. Not really seeing anyone else kicking them out and if they make the final again they might win it this time.

I know it’s not a beauty of a European draw but it is what it is.

Also it would be 2 exhausting games for them and that could really hurt them for the title race.

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No, should be hoping for an Atletico v. City here…

Me, I’d prefer as per usual, someone we haven’t played in a while so maybe Ajax/Benfica, or Juventus/Villareal.


Why not make it who do you want to play?
That might narrow it down and you can assume we want to avoid whoever we don’t pick.

I’ve amended the poll to allow multiple choices - sorry for that!

Personally, I don’t really care who we get - got to beat them all, but ideally we end up with City v Bayern in the quarters and we are well away from that side of the draw.

Ajax, no doubt about it.

Someone wants to avoid Ajax/Benfica in the QF/SF draw?! I wonder why? Would be nice to play Ajax again and while not the toughest game on paper surely better than meeting the likes of Chelsea again.

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Mostly want to avoid Chelsea. Because we already played them in Kangaroo and could likely play them in FA Cup at some point, I just can’t be bothered with how the media (bbc) will frame their narrative of the multiple matches.

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Because they likely assumed the poll was “who do you want in the QF and Semi”. I first assumed that was the aim of the poll, but I spotted it. Or maybe that person just wants the hardest possible challenge.


I would rather meet Chelsea or City in the QF than risk losing a final to either. That would be too painful…

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Ive voted for Atletico and Chelsea. Chelsea are always a tough outfit for us to face since Tuchel came - maybe he feels inferior to Klopp but he always seems extra geed up when facing us. Atletico for obvious reasons.

I almost added PSG on there as they just look like they could pull you apart in 15 minutes which I’d rather avoid, but in the end didn’t vote for that as I think it would at least be an entertaining game.

As I’ve stated before, I wouldn’t be upset facing City as I think any additional pressure we could apply to their league run is welcome, and us beating them (again) in the CL would IMO be very good in damaging their mentality in the league.


Correctly @PaulRoJo I thought it was who do you want to draw that’s why I said Ajax, I want to beat the … out of those arrogant … :joy:

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All the teams who’ve reached this stage are arrogant in some way. You don’t think Bayern or PSG are arrogant?
I understand that you have an axe to grind as a Dutch person, but really arrogance is more or less a prerequisite for getting this far.

Ajax or Benfica. Obviously. :grin:
Bayern - City on the other hand would be tasty… or PSG - City. Give them a tough draw. But not the toughest, because that would mean we’d have to play them :sunglasses:

As long as the draw keeps us apart from United, I’ll be happy.

I want them to fluke their way to the final… where we batter them 8-0.

Can already see Rio Ferdinand at full time of a semi proclaiming Ralf is at the wheel