Chelsea fixture re-arranged

Just seen this fixture has been re-arranged and I can only assume it’s because Chelsea have an FA Cup tie on the weekend it was due to be played.
Now I’m not one for thinking we’re being systematically fucked over this season but a number of things strike me as odd about this.
It has been arranged for Thursday 4th March. At 8.15. Our next game, against Fulham, is at 2 o’clock on the Sunday. We then have to play Leipzig on the Wednesday, and may have to travel to somewhere in Europe to do so, meaning we’ll have to play 3 games in 6 days.
Conversely, Chelsea, who were the club with the problem in the first place, will play us on the Thursday, then a home game on the following Monday night and then wont play again until Saturday.
So basically we’ll have 3 season defining games in 6 days and they’ll have 3 in 9 days. Incidentally there is no reason as far as I can see why the Chelsea game couldn’t be played on the Wednesday rather than the Thursday.
How the fuck is any of that fair to us? It isn’t us with the original problem so why should we be the ones with the massive disadvantage?
I hope Jurgen Klopp gets on to this absolute bullshit and calls out those responsible.


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