Circumstances in Which we Met Someone Famous

Cindy Nell
Former Model / Miss South Africa

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Look on the bright side, you could have ended up working for someone like this:

In mitigation, only in salaried employment for a couple of years, and I’d left before he attempted his trans-Atlantic swim!


I met this guy and became the centre of his attention. He was doing that serie, Excuse My French, after he had been ostracised for making racist remarks. I took my son to football training knowing he was going to be there but not expecting anything. We just got chatting, he was so pleased to speak to someone in English. We kept getting told off by the production team and eventually said goodbye. He was a great and I will never forget what a warm generous man he was. A great Liverpudlian?

EDIT: he didn’t look as red as in the photo but apart from that that’s how I remember him.


Stalked is the word.


i dont think he was stalking me as such…


Mick Jagger, at the airport, I was so upset that I was going to miss my connecting flight to Doha and he was grinning at me and I gave him a grumpy look, “who are you and why you grinning in my face”. I later realised it was him and there were airport photographers taking pictures of him and his then wife Jerry Hall. They were on their way to Barbados for Christmas!


So you didn’t meet him you saw him, didn’t recognise him (how is that possible) and stropped off. :joy:

@Flobs , my state of mind at the time, " I was in tears, my mum was in hospital, I was about to miss my connecting flight to Doha from Amsterdam, because my flight was delayed from Heathrow". You think I was in a mood to have an autograph from him. I was stranded in Amsterdam for 12 hours. I thought he looked familiar, but it didn’t click at the time. I realised when the photographer was there.
I just wanted to get home and see my mum and dad.


A pissed up Roy Wood of Wizzard. In a pub. He puked and got thrown out.
Ant and Dec - again in a pub and again they were asked to leave.
Jamiroqui - In a pub
Grace Jones in a lift in Harrods
Omar Shariff - In an airport - he was on his way to a Bridge tournament - we chatted for quite a while - incredibly humble and peasant guy.
My parents knew Norman Wisdom quite well - so technically I have met him - but have no memory of him - as funny in real life as he was on screen apparently.


I literally bumped into Mohamed Al Fayed in Harrods. Walking along, talking to Mrs CDO not watching where I was going. Bumped into him, turned to say sorry and I was nearly nose to nose with him. I just said “ooh” as he and two enormous minders stepped past us and walked off. :nerd_face:


You seem to be spending quite some time in pubs, :innocent: must be hell for you right now. :joy:

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Anastasia in a hotel bar in KL. She was not yet famous. She was trying to make it big In Asia first. I was a 20 year old kid who tried and badly failed trying to chat her up.

Sat next to Peter Stringfellow on flight from London. Talked to him the whole flight. Sleazy guy and let me keep his pen (naked woman) :rofl:

When I lived in Edinburgh one of my neighbours was one of the proclaimers. Nice friendly bloke.

Charles/Chase/David Koch. I debated politics and philosophy with them (I worked for Koch). Charles Koch very intelligent, David was grumpy and ruthless. Chase like a normal guy from small town America.

Quentin Willson (90s Top gear) I won a competition and he presented me with the prize.