CL Pre Game incident news/clarifications

there was a lot of discussion regarding the delays, i dont source Twitter or anything, as far as i can see they closed 4 of the 5 entry points for reds only, then let the tear gas go…

sounds like not even a quarter of the story…

those with family or friends there, what exactly were the authorities playing at/worried about?

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I have not fact checked the incident.

The UEFA already made a statement that according to the French the Liverpool supporters with good/fase or without tickets are to blame.

Nothing else to see …

Too many supporters.
French police and English supporters.

My son was telling me how he went to the velodrome once and having to wait outside till 10 mins before kick off for the gates to open. He went in and 5 minutes later noone could see as the police were using gas alcrymogene …


When you’ve got the Daily Fail and the Torygraph backing Liverpool fans, you know it’s the truth.

And the truth is so fucking important.


See all you Manc, Shitty, Plastic and especially Bitters supporters…however much you slag us off…we are the better supporters…


Definitely more French there than LFC supporters, looks like a grouping point for probably Nanterre Gangs, not ‘locals’ but Parisiennes. Also definitely more atagonism toward French Police than toward LFC supporters (who seem in general to be being well herded like sheep following directions (where they can be understood).

Anyway everyone thinks the Police National are fuckwits and their fuckwittery is directed and defended by the French government (shit scared of the police unions and right wing (which are one and the same thing)).


Just interested @Flobs are the French media blaming LFC supporters or the policing and organisation?

Apologies if you have already answered.

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I haven’t said anything about the media in France as I don’t follow media, social or news anymore. (I just glance and pick stuff up at work and when with friends, my son and daughter inform me more than anyone).

I’ve had a quick look, at 1st the general line was that of the minister of the interior and some are still leading with that nonsense but all are questionning what really went on. There’s a lot of confusion as nothing adds up and as media need ‘facts’ there seems to be a media crisis about what line to take.
Many now are leading with the statement of the minister of sport, who being weak and stupid is aligning with the minister of the interior and at the same time regretting that ligitimate supporters couldn’t get in.
The media are relaying the ‘official version’ that it was about false tickets and british supporters however are also fairly incredulous as of the 100 or so arrested few if any were supporters but Parisiennes and non of these false tickets have surfaced. There’s almost a feeling of shame and worry for the up coming events. (Rugby world cup and Olympics). There was obviously an organisational problem.
Turnstiles were out of order, the RER B was on strike meaning the onlt way there was RER D and 4 filtering points rather than 13 (so 3 times more fans going through each filter point than anticipated (why the hell they didn’t get train drivers in is not known but they could have this fucking government put through the rules to allow it FFS).
The police, UEFA and French government have their line of defense however the media is sceptic in general from what I can gather, a lot of media got caught up in it so experienced it 1st hand.
I think what they find most shocking is the famillies of the players had to escape to safety and that is inadmissable in their opinion as they have never witnessed that ever before.

I personally think we should get testamonies from RM supporters becaus their end wasn’t full until the kick off so they experienced similar they just had more filtration points, as the RER that side was working) and more gates that worked (the treatment was probably the same).

Apparently LFC insisted in paper tickets which caused lots of false tickets, if that really is the case UEFA and SdF have to produce them imo as it doesn’t seem to be the case (and waving 5 in my face won’t convince me either).


Every single report I’ve seen from people who were there agree the Sky reporting here, 100%.

Even Gary Linekar found it hard to get in FFS. I know some people may find bringing Linekar into it as laughable but he is, without doubt, one of the most recognisable and important faces in broadcasting at the moment yet he said it was practically impossible to get in.


La PP is a shambles. We saw that with Gilets Jaunes. They only know escalation.

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What/who are La PP?

Interesting statistic 105 people arrested official government figures.
79 arrested by the prefecture de police de Paris.
26 unaccounted arrests, we don’t know who’s got them or where, surely some special unit or CRS brigade accountable only to themselves and just give a random number to the minister of the interior.
If there was sooo much problem with supporters and thousands without tickets where the fuck are they?
I mean 105 wouldn’t even cover a thousand locals trying to get in and we know at least 30 of them were Cyril Hanouda and co. who apparently where helped by the ‘stadiers’ and not arrested.

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Crowd controll in France is either hands off or full scale war, there are no inbetweens. The decission is political. Then that is about what you get in S. America!
The police national are the biggest group that vote FN (60% at least).

Interesting that my son says only Zemmour and Le Pen are telling the truth, well it suits them to insinuate that the actual goverment are imbeciles, which is true but they do less harm than these 2 nutcases.
Anyway what they are saying and is being said is that the system of filtration of supporters over 4 hours helped the ‘locals’, as the SdF staff where occupied filtering at 2 gates, so didn’t notice the young locals jumping over the fence. The police did see them so started shooting gaz at them, they in turn threw the gaz at the LFC supporters who panicked so then the police shot at them as well even if they were standing there with their hands in the air.
Just a bande of halfwitted fuckwits as usual!


Ban on the city from hosting any european games (including PSG games) for 5 years.


The French government has scheduled a meeting today with all those responsible for organising the event and security at the match. They are still , as far as I am aware , maintaining the line that the disturbances were the result of ‘tens of thousands’ of fans presenting at the turnstiles with forged tickets , which is already a different excuse than the one offered at the time blaming Liverpool supporters for turning up late. I doubt very much , at this stage , whether they will stray far from this ‘official’ version of events.

What is known , both from social media videos and anecdotal accounts , is that the gates were closed ( causing the dangerous build-up of fans outside ) following the storming of a turnstile by gangs of French youths. My wife’s sister works in Saint Denis and says the word is that the gangs were mostly comprised of young Algerians as well as asylum seekers who had coalesced around the ground enticed by the prospect of taking ‘easy pickings’ from travelling fans.

Quite apart from all that , it will be interesting to hear just what type of justifications they come out with to explain why they tear gassed a kettled and already anxious crowd.