Climate Catastrophe

He’ll put union jacks on jam jars!

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Politics over the greater good an necessity.

Fuck him.


The Tories have been an absolute cancer to the UK.

Everything they touch turns to shit (just look at the rivers). They continually surprise me that they are still supported by a large number of people. They could go live on TV, drown baby kittens and a large proportion of the population would still vote for them. Madness

Xenophobic, climate change denying, vulture capitalists, who would sell their own grandmother for brown paper bag full of money. From Covid to Brexit. From profiteering to hollowing out basic services.

Their lack of support for climate change policies, should not surprise me, but just reinforces their lack of care for anyone or anything around them.


It’s called sado-populism and they will carry out any performative cruelty if they believe that would placate the baying masses:

“These kittens are taking your benefits and stealing your housing!” Splosh!

It might sound ridiculous but they have been doing this with actual people in the English Channel.


Just reinforces in straight forward dialogue, what easy pickings the UK has become, to the people whom put money and profits before anything else…

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Plenty of common sense from the former prime minister here:


It’s a pity that this common sense remains confined to an article in a newspaper, rather than being applied by politicians.


I am not so sure that ‘someone else should pay for it’ is particularly new or innovative thinking.

It’s not new at all. But it’s just common sense in the light of the mega-profits the oil and gas industry is making right now.


They thought they were on an electric plane??

Yeah, I don’t know. That’s the thing about taking your passion to the level where you say that all oil use in all its forms needs to be removed and stopped: There is no room to move in your own life without being a massive hypocrite.

For me, I’m not hiding from the fact that I have just flown to Australia :shushing_face: On Etihad :shushing_face:, and also flew from the East coast to Perth for my son’s Australian-wide sporting comp. I’ll likely fly (or drive in a petrol car) down to Tas for our first family chrissy together in 3 years.

Just on the future of air travel, its not exactly reaching for the sky what Airbus are trying to achieve in the future:

Am I correct in thinking that Full Hybrid (not Plugin Hybrid) really is just a combustion engine that uses batteries to be a bit more fuel efficient? As in, its a closed system! Sure there are true savings with regeneration from braking, but if a battery is being recharged from an engine running, then its converting fossil fuels to electricity. Really not that great for the environment.

When I look at the above image, I see Battery charging when the plane is at the terminal, but I also see battery charging while cruising - again fossil fuels to electricity - unless of course they are using some tech that takes waste energy somewhere in that pipeline and converting to electricity.

Seems its just a promotion and, although better than todays planes, isn’t really the solution.

I recently said in the Hendo thread that we are all guilty of duplicity, but really, she could just have worn a different t-shirt that day! Must have made a few people a bit nervous in the airport though!

When in doubt, just lie.

EDIT: missed out a letter.



looks like we left NYC just in time.



Interestingly that is the anomaly based around the 1990-2020 period. Imagine how dreadful that would look based around the 1950-1980 average.

And they want the WC in Saudi? They’ll be playing on molten glass by then.

This Is Fine GIF

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I think that needs more explanation. On its own it’s too easy to dismiss as some minor blip while the planet is millions of years old.

Not for me but I do feel there’s a mountain of work to convince people still

Minor blip, and this was back in 2016.

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It’s the argument I see all the time. The planet is millions of years old and the climate has varied over that time, it’s been hotter and colder blah blah blah. 10 years is nothing blah blah blah

To me that argument needs to be tackled head on.

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