Climate Catastrophe

He’ll put union jacks on jam jars!

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Politics over the greater good an necessity.

Fuck him.


The Tories have been an absolute cancer to the UK.

Everything they touch turns to shit (just look at the rivers). They continually surprise me that they are still supported by a large number of people. They could go live on TV, drown baby kittens and a large proportion of the population would still vote for them. Madness

Xenophobic, climate change denying, vulture capitalists, who would sell their own grandmother for brown paper bag full of money. From Covid to Brexit. From profiteering to hollowing out basic services.

Their lack of support for climate change policies, should not surprise me, but just reinforces their lack of care for anyone or anything around them.


I believe it’s called “free market capitalism”. Everyone has “freedom” and “choice”.

It’s all very “aspirational”.

It’s called sado-populism and they will carry out any performative cruelty if they believe that would placate the baying masses:

“These kittens are taking your benefits and stealing your housing!” Splosh!

It might sound ridiculous but they have been doing this with actual people in the English Channel.

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Just reinforces in straight forward dialogue, what easy pickings the UK has become, to the people whom put money and profits before anything else…

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