Climate Catastrophe

Only because they don’t care anyway!

The soup should have been thrown at a Warhol. Just the kind of thing he would have appreciated.

I understand the anger and the desire to get attention at all costs, but more precise targeting would be more effective in my opinion.

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All these activists succeeded is getting attention on themselves and I think that’s all they wanted at the end. Passion is different from delusion and derangement. They will blow their own trumpet of how brave they are, they will get their egos stroked by fellow attention seekers and the real issues continue while they party on into their social media orgy.

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Why shut the bridge? If they fall off it’s their own damn fault. Granted there’s the chance of an ordinary motorist running over them but I’d imagine most would swerve to hit them.


This one actually makes more sense.

If you disrupt traffic and cause congestion, it’s more likely that drivers will opt for alternate forms of transport.

Isn`t that what they have been doing in London?
All they seem to be doing is turning the general public against their cause

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Also more likely that thousands of cars sit idling for hours whilst the two cocks post videos of themselves on phones charged by magic electricity trees.


They are doing the cause - an important one, more harm than good.


Alaska has banned snow crab season this year after analyses showing the population is down by over 1 billion compared to normal. This is after banning the king crab season last year.

Massive changes in the ecosystem are already with us.

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Not if these disruptions become more common.

Oh yes, magic electricity trees called wind and solar farms?

Which are not the complete answer. Currently we have no way of storing either when they’re not producing. Granted you can use hydro storage but that’s not powering london at night with no wind any time soon. Fusion is the future, nuke for now. I still wouldn’t be knocking down coal stations though.

Fusion has even less of a chance of delivering on the timescales we need it compared to the utility-scale storage solutions that are being developed right now…

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I don’t think fusion has a hope ever!

Exaclty. Just carry on. If they fall thats down to them.
Also if you ignore them theyll get bored, hungry and tired so will come down.

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Batteries? Mining all that nasty shit is great for the environment. Plus, given the number of elec cars being made, prices will inevitably go up. Yes you can use some of the bigger ones for a power bank but they’ll mostly be at work, not home during daylight hours.

It works, there’s just a few tiny technical problems to iron out. Granted they’re like hunter-gatherer society ro Neil Armstrong but possible.

I said storage, I didn’t say lithium batteries.

Sand batteries? I’m not upto speed on latest storage tech bar the obvious hydro one.

Think there are also gravity “batteries”.

No perfect solution just lots of ways of doing it badly. The reason cars have lithium batteries is because they offer the best performance vs size vs weight vs life vs reliability.