Climate Catastrophe

Even if you had advised that 30years ago I have doubts on it`s effectiveness :thinking:

Luckily for me drinks where stronger in the 80s and Specsavers didnt have such a strong marketing team.

It was an old rugby club mantra on the basis that going early there was a chance you could make it back to the pub for closing time.

This is not the first time we’ve heard about companies stretching the definition of ‘carbon neutrality’ through the murky world of wood biomass. There have been various new stories of the same issues in the EU as well.

Is this being properly regulated? We know companies are slaves to profits. Are we taking them at their word that they are only taking the waste wood? What is the international definition of waste wood anyway? When I was working in forestry (as one of the good guys :wink:), even pulp for paper needed to be from clearwood (length of tree free of major limbs ie knots), so the forestry industry doesn’t just take every tree. Its quite picky on what gets taken or not. I am scared to think the quality of trees simply being cut down to be shipped 5000km as if this is good for the environment.

Is it better burning wood than burning coal? Almost certainly, even when taking into account its much lower calorific value. But I’m against calling this carbon neutral. Its like carbon offsets for flights. Yes, you are doing better than nothing, but you aren’t really fighting climate change on the scale needed.

No. This should barely rate as news. The EU treatment of biomass fuel is absurd, and creates a wildly distorting incentive for the pellet industry. The UK green energy scheme simply inherits that distortion. That particular BC story doesn’t sound good, but the massive pellet plants in the US South are a far worse problem

Drax is a brilliant bond level villian name…

moonraker, wasnt it?

still love the @Arminius theory/test that if you just put ‘Frankly Mr Bond’ (was it?)at the front of any politicians speech to see if they truly were homicidal maniacs…

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The energy crisis and war in Russia should be a catalyst toward renewable energy. Yes, some short term pain, but an opportunity to get on a better, more sustainable path.

Exploring for more fossil fuels in the North Sea strikes me as the wrong move.


Not for the entrenched interests who stand to benefit…

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Exactly. It boils down to the age old question of governance… who is it for?

If it is for the good of the people, it works. If it is for vested interests, and to enrich oneself, the stench is rotten. Right now it is clear what we have.

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Covid was a massive opportunity missed in that regard. It provided an opportunity to redefine the entire way that people work, commute etc.

Missed for more of the same.

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More to the point, we’ve had about a 10 year period of almost free money and what next-gen, green infrastructure did we build with it? More or less fuck all.


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Put them in the tower and an axe in the morning.

I just don’t understand the mindset. So misguided.

Hopefully they are prosecuted and are hit with the biggest tariff possible.


Wasn’t the painting protected by glass? So despite all the drama, no actual damage was done?

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FFS any excuse to be outraged, grow up!
I could paint some sunflowers if it’s so important however I’ll leave it to @gasband.

It should read protesters threw tomato soup on a sheet of glass and glued themselves to a wall so they could be arrested calmly. Apparently Van Gogh didn’t hear anything.

I don’t think it’s about the damage, it’s just the way to get the most headlines to get their ‘message’ out there.

It’s just a shame that actions like that do more damage to their cause than it garners sympathy. See also interrupting football matches and stopping traffic.

If they incovenienced a high profile thing/person that the majority of people didn’t like anyway, they might get a bit more support. As it is, i’m sure most people just want them to fuck off.

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Why put tomato soup on one of Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings? I really don’t get the message. :flushed: These guys gave lost the plot completely it seems.

Was it an oil painting,?? :0)

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