Climate Catastrophe

But it’s funny how Pakistan decides to play the climate card now. Especially when they’ve done fuck all in terms of infrastructure over the past 30 years.

That said , pakistan should be given aid. Not the govt and care should be taken to ensure that unscrupulous middle men do not appear out of the woodwork to shoot up the prices.

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Yeah but not the right people. Needs to be the right people before the Conservatives will even consider it.

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This isn’t even news. US DoE has been producing annual analyses showing PV and onshore wind have the lowest LCOE of any generation technology since 2018.

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yet the NA market is effectively closed to low-emission diesel engines. All those cars which are sold everywhere else in the world with diesel engines are not sold here.

they’re far more economical on fuel used, it boggles my mind that those vehicles aren’t sold here.

  • Ford F-Series. - truck, sold with diesel
  • Chevrolet Silverado. - truck, sold with diesel
  • Ram 1500/2500/3500. - truck, sold with diesel
  • Toyota RAV4. - compact SUV, not sold with diesel (hybrid option)
  • Honda CR-V. - compact SUV, not sold with diesel (hybrid option)
  • Toyota Tacoma. - compact truck, gasoline only
  • Honda Civic. - compact car (hybrid option)
  • Toyota Corolla. - compact car (hybrid option)

why is it, only VW and Smart sell diesel cars here in North America?
all of these vehicles listed above are sold in other parts of the world with diesel. my Hyundai Santa Fe gets approx 11L/100km in the city on a 2.0L turbo gas engine. the diesel version sold in Australia is nearly half that at 6.1L/100km

imagine how much less fuel the collective would use if the vehicles here were sold with these options…

We’ve never understood why American cars have (comparatively) huge engines, awful power and dreadful MPG. Have hired more cars in the US than I care to remember. Never anything below a V6, never anything you could remotely call fast (except the Charger) and 20MPG if you’re lucky. The Escalade was ridiculous. Fun but ridiculous.

It was fairly depressing/disturbing.

Why do you think it’s like this? Are the USA manufacturers resistant to low-emission vehicle (because fuel price is affordable most of the time) or is it more sinister. Some how the car and oil industries are colluding to ensure the oil market doesn’t contract.

diesel engines are comparitively longer-lasting, better made engines. will easily reach 300,000km before any major would is needed, sometimes longer. the dealerships won’t make nearly as much money on them needing repairs like a petrol engine. and it keeps the oil companies happy.

Biggest reason was simply that until not long ago, US consumers saw higher diesel prices (due to tax) than industrial/commercial, so the economics of diesel weren’t any better for passenger cars. I had a crappy diesel Rabbit in the early 90’s for a little while, I was amazed at how comparatively poor the performance was in financial terms (where in Canada it was a major savings). It has only been since about 2015(?) that the percentage of tax paid at the pump was made equivalent. Any hope of category growth was stifled by the VW cheating scandal at about the same time - and it is still not clear that a lot of those vehicles you list can pass CalEPA standards.

Throw in the fact that diesel engines of that era were associated with sluggish acceleration (the American fetish, as Klopptimist more or less discovered) and being loud, and the market for them has been weak historically. GM tried to introduce a wave of them in the early '80s, but as GM made absolute crap back then, they were all crap. Similar with Ford, although I think Ford only tried one model. But instead of being deemed as ‘GM = crap’, they were 'diesel = crap"

Again, these vehicles are widely available everywhere else but NA market. not sure why it’s such a big deal they cannot start shipping them here.

Three years ago, Hyundai actually announced they were going to start bringing the diesel Santa Fe to market here in Canada for 2019 model year. a school friend is one of top sales in all of Canada, he called me right away as I wanted one. but 6mo later they scrapped it. assholes

The price of diesel in America is a lot more than petrol. Quick look today and a gallon of petrol here in Indiana is $3.60, whereas a gallon of diesel is $5.00.

I remember when I lived in the UK that diesel was higher, but only slightly.

All utter rubbish when compared to the Rover Maestro 2.0 Turbo Diesel I once had. The war in the Ukraine would be over by now if these were issued to the Ukraine forces.

toyota hilux SR5 with 2.8L turbo diesel. my dream truck.

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Nothing can beat the Maestro turd. They were offered as company cars when I worked for a large UK contractor. The ground clearance on them was awesome (perfect for site work) and the 2.0L engine meant they went like stink despite weighing close to one of your American trucks. They were like tanks and I swear you could easily mount a gun turret on the roof. They came with a smoke screen as standard equipment and people quickly realised they didn’t need oil to run. I did 450 miles in mine over a weekend with a smashed wheel bearing. No bother.

They became company legend. One ended up in a Chinese restaurant, while another had two traffic police officers fighting over who would drive it to the compound after seizing it after the driver slithered out onto their feet after a few too many beers before driving.

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bahahaha fucking legend!

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Would that be like two people arguing in a pub at closing time over which one got to take home the ugly fatty at the end of the night?

Careful in your response as I may be the ugly fatty that had to walk home more often than not :astonished:

My response is. Always go ugly early.