Cost of Living Crisis

Hello there…just a caveat to the story going round about refunds from energy suppliers…the wording was…"if you had a smart meter and used power at off peak times, on stated days, you would receive a refund(approx £100)…I had a smart meter installed, I have now been told, it has to be a dual charge meter…I assume they mean gas aswell, but this wasn’t and isn’t indicated on adverts for the off peak timed usage. If I dont get any joy from Eon…the smart meter, will be at the front door waiting to be collected…absolute swizz…ggggrrrr

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First real run of cold weather in the UK, and it is going to be a two-way test. Power markets need to see the price spike to achieve balance against what is likely quite limited peak supply. But that is going to push a lot of households already struggling with energy costs.