Crypto Mining Tricks and Tips Please

I’ve been meaning to do this for 10 years, OK, think I missed the boat a little. But I do now have space and 10 X i5 base units. It’s the big GPU heavy rigs and rigs like the Antminer below which are current kings but the money is crazy. Tempted to try on of the lesser currencies on the chance that they’ll go up in value. It’s a gamble but I’m quest at work over Easter so have a few days to set something up. Anybody any experience or tips please? Cheers. Oh, and yes, should have done this years ago…

Get solar panels if you can. Not only will they help you do your part for the environment, the mining will also help you get recoup your base investment a lot faster.

Apart from that, I’m not very clued up on cryptocurrency nowadays, but isn’t ETH moving towards proof-of-stake?

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Is mining Bitcoin still worthwhile?

I thought most o it had already been mined, so not worth while if your just starting out

Got to say with the electricity bills sky rocketing is now really the time to be looking at this? Secondly, from a Climate Change perspective this is something I wont even go near. Bitcoin mining currently uses more energy than the whole of Argentina I believe.

You could join a syndicate type thing I suppose

Hence what I said, what Bitcoin miners are saying at the moment is that it can help greening by getting people to use Bitcoin mining to offset the cost of solar panels.

But still a waste of energy nonetheless…