Daft Prick Boehly‘s Stamford Bridge Globetrotters

This is how our football club would look if everything asked on here is fulfilled on steroids. Want the player “At all cost” . The world is fcked with the myopic outlook, and football is following suit.

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So that’s another €120m on the €433m we talked about earlier today.

And possibly another few before deadline.


I assume they are planning a few years out of Europe.

I’m telling you. It’ll be Enzo Caicedo and Rice before deadline day.

Speaking of deadline day, I wonder what Vinny’s got planned?

I guess it may depend on how they are spacing out their payments for these players and those that they sell in the summer. If they have got the selling clubs to agree to take payments over a longer period of time than those which they themselves recieve then it might allow them to fall under the necessary threshold.

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Does Boehly know he’s going to be expected to out the same sums of cash into transfers every year or the fanbase will turn on him. Also, does he naively think these guys he’s giving 8 year deals to will actually be there in 8 years time?

It’s to get round the FFP. Mudryk himself will hope he can be 8 years at Chelsea or a club like Chelsea. Of course things can work out differently, be it a 4/5-year deal or 8.

Well we can write-off this alternative for Bellingham … :rage:

When Boehly committed himself to investing 1.5 billion pounds in Chelsea when he bought them, did anyone tell him he didn’t have to spend all that money this January?

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knowing there’s also some MLB bad blood between Dodgers and Red Sox, I wonder if this is a bit of dick-swinging by Boehly to get under FSG’s skin.

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The biggest financial doping scheme in all of history. Not only did they get a windfall two decades ago, they ran at a loss and upon sale had it written off and then proceeded to spend at an even more accelerated rate. In-fucking-sane.


One day, we’ll talk to our grandchildren and tell them about a messianic entity called Jürgen Klopp who managed to win us our last, 19th Premier League title on a minimal net spend, without circumventing financial rules that were in place in football back then and without any backing from entire countries or shady oligarchs.

Our grandchildren will then berate us for living in the past and proceed to convince us that you can’t buy a decent player for 40 million pounds these days and that Liverpool will never be promoted to Premier League unless John Henry Jr. sells the club.


Thanks, now I’m totally depressed …

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Could they get problems with FFP and get banned from signing players in future transfer windows for example if the miss out on CL twice?

UEFA are shifting from FFP to something called FSCLR as of next season. It is designed (who knows if it will work that way) to remove a lot of the bottle necks that limited them in their city case, but at the same time allows for exceptions for rich owners who want to go over the limits with their own money. It looks like a compromise between learning the lessons of where FFP fell down while responding the criticisms of it creating a closed shop. Boehly may know nothing about football, but I’d be stunned if he doesnt have a good idea of what he’s doing with this spending spree with respect to FSCLR

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Chelsea have made a British record bid of £105 million to buy the midfielder Enzo Fernández from Benfica in what would be their eighth signing of the window.

Only hope is we don’t get this…
Oh plucky old Chelsea came from nowhere.

They already had been crazy prior seasons when it comes to spending, this winter window can outdo all previous ones. Crazy and ridiculous and they are not even middle eastern.