Dark mode almost illegible with the pale gold theme

I’ve been using the dark mode lately for the pale gold theme. The background color of the posts doesn’t change to a darker tone, whereas the font color changes to light grey. Similarly, the title of threads that have been read remains black against dark grey background.

EDIT: The desktop mode seems to work better.

I am on Android. I’ve tried both my standard browser, Brave and Chrome. Both have the same issue.

Did you mean ineligible or illegible?

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Thanks for pointing it out. Fixed now.

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No worries, everyone makes mistakes (except Cynical, of course)

There is no finer situation in life than that of a Liverpool fan as you know very well.

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Just checking,

When you say dark mode, do you mean the inbuilt function in new phones ? (while using a pale theme on TAN). Or do you mean you have selected a colour scheme that is dark ?

Generally I advise everyone to use default colour scheme for any of the themes :slight_smile:

Also “dark mode” on my iphone/ipads bugger up the colour schemes sorry.

I mean the inbuilt function of the phone. I haven’t changed anything in my TAN settings. Anyway, it seems to be working better today, so thank you.