Deleted Posts - Suggestions

I had a post in the borderline jokes thread gone. Not sure whether it was deleted or something else happened. Actually I don’t really question why posts disappeared because the mods would not do it for no reason but I thought if the reason was because it’s offensive in any nature, good to inform the poster primarily so that we take note the next time and not repeat the same stuff. What do you all think?


Generally speaking, I think communication is good.

If an action has been taken on your post, and there was no communication, that seems lacking to me, procedurally.

No opportunity to learn, or understand.

Beyond all that, keep a soft heart mate. It might have been a glitch, or it might have been a moderated action. Whoever the mods are, they do it for the community, for free, and if some moderating seems excessive, it’s always better to give the benefit of the doubt.


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Yea actually I had posts deleted before and I am ok. Just that this time I was worried that my post which was supposed to be funny in the jokes thread might be deleted because it’s offensive, then letting me know means I will not repeat similar jokes :joy: so just a suggestion.

My apologies then for the lack of communication - I was the one who deleted that post (as I found the joke extremely distasteful) but I genuinely thought that you were sent a notification by the system. Back in the TIA days, I would always personally inform the poster about removing their content from the boards but the software itself usually takes care of that on TAN.


Ok no problems, while I don’t agree that the joke was distasteful, I certainly accept the mods decisions for these matters. Yea I did not receive any notification but it’s clear now, thanks for clarifying! Will take note.

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Whenever a post of mine is deleted it just confirms my suspicion that everyone else is wrong.


What did you post? Seems it was deleted.

Although I didn’t flag it, if it’s the one I’m thinking of it was distasteful and I did consider flagging it.

Anything borderline transphobic is probably going to get deleted.

Personally I’d also like to see much less misogyny in there too,but that would be around 90% of eveything that’s in there.

Was it the same post we are talking about? If it was offensive, I can only think of a certain reason but not because its transphobic, but in any case, my suggestion here was not to defend my post because in a forum, the mods should have absolute trust that they are doing their best to keep the forum as friendly as possible to everyone so mod’s decisions on my posts are accepted, just that my suggestion will be to ensure that the original poster be informed so that he or she does not repeat it again.

Just to make it clear, @gasband’s post had nothing to do with transphobia.

99% of the posts I delete are either discussion posts in non-discussion threads, or ones that have gone seriously off-topic. Hopefully the reasons for those deletions is already obvious enough!

Omg, now I want to see the joke even more.

So you admit I’m right and you’re wrong?


that’s what i note

I have no idea what this is in relation to lol

I’ll take that as a win.

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