Ding Dong.....the US Politics Thread


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We need more of this sort of reporting. Dont tell us what the lying liar said about their policy. Report what is actually in it



“ Boebert wrote extensively about her relationship with her husband in her book, “My American Life.” The congresswoman claimed that her husband never exposed his penis in a bowling alley bar in 2004, despite serving jail time for public indecency and lewd exposure.”


Really big result last night in local Jacksonville elections. This is a city that is considered the heart of DeSantis territory, has been run by Republicans for about 30 years and was until last night the largest city in the country run by a Republican mayor. Last night it went to a democrat, one who won the race with only about 20% of the spending of the Republican.

There is little remarkable about her candidacy to make anyone think this was a one off caused by a extraordinary candidate, which, along with a Dem winning the only other city wide race on the ballot, suggesting a meaningful softening of support for the GOP in a key part of DeSantis’ own state


Hopefully the Jacksonville election is a sign that there are more reasonable Republicans, who want to decouple themselves from the madness that is MAGA and DeSantis.

Speaking of reasonable Republicans, are there any in Washington?

The debt thing is a tough one. Do the Democrats agree to the Republican demands, which will hurt millions of people, protect the wealthy from paying taxes, grind regulation to a halt, and increase the debt?

Or, is the play to let it all burn to the ground, and then start again, from the rubble?

Neither option seems good.

The check and balance system in American politics is a joke. Instead of balance it ensures gridlock, and bad faith politics, when the minor party can unreasonably hold the majority hostage with their loony tune demands.

This is the question to ask when discussing the budget. It is simply the wrong question to ask when discussing the debt limit and no consideration from anyone should be given to what the GOP are again trying to do with it.

A few years ago Disney announced they would be moving a significant portion of their park leadership team from CA to a new base in Orlando. It was at the center of a billion $ of new investment in a quickly growing portion of the city and would bring in about 2000 new well paying jobs.

Disney scrapped the move yesterday citing the unstable political environment created by De Santis

For once , Trump was right. And it looks like De Santis has well and truly pissed on his chips ahead of his expected announcement to run next week. This has to seriously undermine his credibility with voters and , more importantly , his donors.

P.S. Guess where De Santis got married ? :grin:

The most ludicrous thing in this article? The fact that it’s the slim Republican majority in the house that will cause this motion not to pass. As in no Democrat will support it.

As in almost all Republican congressmen will :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It won’t get a vote. Her last one died too. The article is missing a key dynamic, in that the bill is a disaster for the Republicans, much as she is. If it gets to a recorded vote, every GOP member of the House will be under intense pressure to vote for it in the face of potential primary challenges, knowing full well that for all but the safest seats they look ridiculous and are made more vulnerable. Meanwhile, Greene grandstands and fundraises - she gets a remarkable amount of money from outside her own district. She is essentially another Trump depriving the GOP of oxygen.

It will get sent to committee (if she can find a co-sponsor, the last one took over a year and half) and she simply doesn’t know how to actually do her job as a legislator, and doesn’t have the relationships needed to move it through the process when a sizable number of her own party want to bear it.

For interest, here is her last moronic attempt https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-resolution/57

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  • interfered with the peaceful transition of power;


Surely this must have given cause for all elected representatives to face mandatory drug tests

It’s difficult to describe how up is down, black is white, elements of their performance is. The way they treat the border is similar. They make fear of southern border crossing a central plank in their platform, and scream “open borders”. No matter what happens they scream open border. Apprehensions of illegal crossings goes up - open borders. Big drug busts by Customs and Border Patrol at the border - open borders. A fucking terrorist on the FBI most wanted list was caught trying to come across - open border.

It’s like a conversation on here about the offside law.

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I wonder if Trump will still double down on his promise of pardons after this.

DeSants finally announced his candidacy and it’s already exploded. His announcement was with Musk on a Twitter spaces broadcast that crashed and somehow even took down the devices of people trying to watch it.

He’s now being positioned as a supplicant to Musk, having made his name doing the same with Trump

And the absurdity of his actual record is finally getting coverage



Ken Paxton may finally be paying for his conduct.

He is the AG of the State of Texas and so commonly presented as the second most important political figure (even though an AG should be apolitical). He recently got elected to his third 4 year term, despite facing criminal charges over securities fraud since pretty much day 1 of his tenure, charges that call for about 100 years of jail time.

Separately his own employees pursued charges against him for abuse of office and other related charges, a case that has been taken on by the Federal DOJ.

There was a separate case that he settled for about $3m, but there has been fights in Texas GOP politics over whether he can get the tax payers and donors to pay for that as well as his defense on his various ongoing cases. In retaliation he trued to expel the speaker of the State House earlier in the week. But now, some 8 years after criminal charges were first filed against him, the Texas state house, run by the GOP, voted to impeach him


The only wonder is why did it take so long. The guy’s a crook.

Edit : And , if I remember correctly , didn’t he angle for a pardon from Trump by filing an election fraud suit ?


A fascinating insight here into how Fox’s renowned and feared lawyers sleptwalk the company towards its record $750m payout.

Freed article here: https://archive.is/U1NqA