Ding Dong.....the US Politics Thread (Part 1)

Trump is going to lose, and he’s going to lose big.

But I thought Hillary would win, so take this prediction with a ginormous grain of salt.


Trump will declare victory on the night then litigate the crap out of it, to stop postal votes being counted. Protests. Violence. Supreme Court. Rules in his favour.

Four more years.

Hope not, but that’s my fear.


Why is there a thread on this topic? It’s politics, nothing to do with LFC.

It’s in The Away End, where threads about politics are encouraged.


Yes, but it’s already being covered in the Trump thread…


Yeah, let’s not have too many threads, shall we? It kinda derail the conversation.

He might , but John Oliver just released this brilliant take on why things are still bound to get potentially very ugly:


Sorry. Did not see that. Still getting used to the new site.

If the mods want to merge or lock this thread, please do so.


I think this deserves to stay personally. Especially as the orange turd has apparently got non election stuff going on right now and the election also includes some other candidate and consideration of the democratic process!


Agree. At least this thread can be used to discuss the election itself to include discussion on Biden and the policies being advocated by either side.

I think the Trump thread here is a spin off from what was the US politics thread on TIA. When Trump got elected the name of that thread was changed in line with the titles of threads for rival clubs in the pitchside football forum. With the move to a new forum, it hasn’t been given the full title.

Maybe the Trump thread should be renamed the US Politics thread…it would be like naming the UK Politics thread the “Boris Johnson…[insert ridiculing comment] thread”. It perpetuates this cult of personality that they both seem to prosper on. Not sure all the words in that previous sentence are spelt correctly.

The horrible thing is that the US political system keeps throwing up horrible choices for the US voting public. How is Biden the best the Democrats can come up with to take on Trump?


perhaps merge it with the UK politics thread as Bojo is already doing (cross post)


That’s a fairly Chuck Todd style both sides treatment. Politics tends to require some form of coalition building and concessions to bring people together that more often than not produces a milquetoast candidate. Biden is out of that tradition, but the reasons people gravitated towards him are pretty obvious. Again, he was not my candidate when this thing started out, but it’s easy to see why other people with a different perspective disagreed.

Trump, and to a lesser degree Johnston, is the aberration and trying to put him alongside pretty much anyone else in complaining about the options is a trite understatement of just how massive an aberration Trump is.

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That’s like writing a song with a generic 3 chord progression and then claiming Green Day stole it from you.


Yes, I agree - my complaint really is about the system, rather than directed at one party or the other. I guess the system and the benefit of significant privilege that the US system, in particular, places as a pre-requisite.

But Johnson v Corbyn wasn’t a great choice either. In fact, they rarely are. When was the last time the US and/or the UK had two worthy candidates from either side of the political divide?

What is your actual issue with Biden as a candidate? I dont imagine given your politics it is the same as the common complaints abut him. But he also certainly isnt from privilege.

I guess principally it is the fact he’s old, male and white. He’s also far past his peak in terms of his health and mental agility. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and I’d take him over Trump any day but as the leader of the most powerful country in the world? He just doesn’t have the aura.

Politically I’m much more closely aligned, traditionally, to the Democrats than the Republicans.

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I worry about the workload for a man of his age, but not the aura. The President gets that from the office and it wont be too big for him.

There were things I didn’t like about his candidacy, and thought there were enough really interesting people in the race that it didn’t need him time around…he missed his calling 4 years before. The Obama white house had started the DeClintonification of the party and had they have gone full endorsement mode of him over here last time I confident he would have beaten her and beaten Trump. but he got in this time anyway and showed that no one cared about the things I didnt like about his candidacy. Oh well, that’s how it works.


Trump has made a statement ending the discussions on the Stimulus? How does he think that is going to help him…?

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