Dodgy decisions/official excuses - a logbook of evidence - NO discussion thread!

There’s a not so uncommon debate around these parts regarding the legitimacy of the game, I thought it would be great if we had a thread we can reference for the decisions as they happen, obviously there’s a whole heap we keep referencing, but overtime we forget about some regarding our club, and probably more regarding other clubs.

i was hoping this thread could remain chat free so it can just be looked at when the inevitable debate gathers pace again in other threads

the thread is designed for all strange decisions, with hopefully the official reason for giving them, not just ones that involve our club

So I’ll lead off with a next post and see where this takes us


Odegaard handball vs LFC earlier this season

PGMOL explains Martin Ødegaard handball decision vs Liverpool as even Gary Neville left baffled -

it was deemed “not a clear and obvious error” as Ødegaard’s arm was moving towards his body and not the ball as he went down. It wasn’t deemed deliberate or an unnatural action and he may have slipped.

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check complete. no penalty.

linesman elbows Robertson, not a ‘dodgy decision’ as such, but a horrible reflection on the PGMOL

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Assistant referee breaks silence over Andy Robertson elbow and prepared for FA decision - Mirror Online

result was the linesman was relieved of his duties for the rest of the season