EFL Cup / League Cup

Not saying that Liverpool will get past Lincoln but this kind of draw is ridiculous, especially compared to what Man City are getting since Guardiola got there.


Nice, bring them all on.

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Yeah, Southampton going out last night was also a surprise.

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Sheffield United were horrendous tonight in their match v Burnley. No ideas, no imagination, no clue. I am always backing Chris Wilder and everything he does, but that gold dust from last year is wearing a bit thin it seems. His side looked lackluster v Wolves at the weekend and tonight not much better.

Haha Man City’s draw again…

Seriously couldn’t give much about this cup if I tried, should have binned it for this season, the only benefit is to give our fringe players a run out.

Sorry to say that, in it to win it but it’s odd that it still hasn’t allowed VAR even at stadiums that can run it like the PL ones.

If I remember one of Arsenal’s shouldn’t have counted last season. After last year I’m done with it, they knew we could clash with the world club cup but hoped we would go out and we didn’t which caused them a headache, I felt for the lads who had to get beat and the lads who had to go out to Dubai and saw the team suffer because of it.

It’s poorly run and seems to give Man City a bye to around the semis every year.


I think that does mean we could play Arsenal twice in the space of a few days. Right?

Considering we will be fielding 7-8 senior players even in cup games it’s immaterial who we will play. I want us to have a go at the cups too


Liverpool have offered to cover the cost of Lincoln City’s coronavirus testing for players and staff ahead of their Carabao Cup fixture on Thursday. #lfc[daily mail]⁣


Nice gesture by the club.


Thursday’s lineup is going to be real interesting.

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I can see Jota start, also expect Keita may play, good that we get 3 days til our game against the Arse.

I would assume Thiago, Jones and Keita but Milner would be missing so maybe I’m wrong with Keita.

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Williams Gomez ? Tsimikas
Milner Fabinho Jones
Elliott Minamino Jota

Klopp said Gomez could be ok by tomorrow.

Not sure who will start next to him. Phillips? Koumetio? SvdB? Not sure if we should play VvD here.

Anyone of Philipps, Grujic, Wilson, Shaqiri, Origi starting could mean they are staying.


Personally, I wouldn’t have any first 11ers near this. I’m all in for winning the league again and our squad is so good we needn’t risk it.


Williams Van Den Berg Koumetio Tsimikas

Milner Jones


Elliot Origi Jota

Something like that. No need to take any risks but I’d give Jota a start. Origi picked as he was on the bench today. Shaqiri to play if available.

More than enough to win the game comfortably. Woudn’t mind seeing Clarkson and Cain involved off the bench either.

It used to be the case that making 8-11 changes would see a dramatic drop in performance that would routinely see us lose against poor sides, not so much now so now. The players are so much better and the coaching is so good that we have more than enough to win these games.


Id do how he did it last season in the FA Cup, Klopp knows the various fitness of everyone, those who sit as reserve players behind the first team lads should all start and then fill in the gaps, I’d play Gomez if he is fit, might be worth giving. Thiago some minutes as he hasn’t had a pre season. The U23s play on Tuesday so that might give us a clue if anyone stepping up.


Spurs game with Orient tonight is off after a large number of positive tests were returned from Orient players. What doesnt make sense was I saw it reported that Spurs paid for their testing, which implies that if they hadnt have then the game would have gone ahead with no one knowing? That cannot be right?


Perhaps the players would have been tested nevertheless. Spurs covered the financial aspect.

Fingers crossed the same don’t happen to our game on Thursday. Or any game.


Yup it’s a bit of a concern, saw an article outside of the top two divisions it’s not compulsory.

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That seems to be the issue. Somehow, several Orient players still tested positive last week and so Spurs required them to get tested again before this game.

Orient, due to the fact they had positive tests to return, seem to have followed a stricter regimen than other clubs in their league, and so are now quite rightly suggesting that if they get kicked out of the competition it will provide a disincentive for teams to do the sort of voluntary testing they have done.