England National Team

Ffs we got relegated. :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth:

Don’t think it would be an issue for either full back to be honest. James is a great player, one of the most rounded full backs in the world right now. Tomori has been exceptional for Milan, he’s definitely more than worthy of an extended run in the side. Considering Maguire’s woeful form and far inferior skill set, it’s genuinely baffling he still gets selected ahead of him.

England have definitely been in a slump in terms of CB production for a while now. Mind you I reckon if Southgate had the riches Sven had he’d still find a way to play all of Terry, Ferdinand, Campbell, King, Carragher, Neville and Cole in the same team.

Didn’t even realize this was happening today. England are really poor. I just hope no Liverpool players play, or if they do, that it is fleeting, and there’s no injuries.

I remember as a kid being well hyped up and into watching England, but for years now it barely registers.

I reserve the right to be a hypocrite if they manage to spawn themselves to the sharp end of the World Cup, but even then, I will be hoping to swerve it due to the issues around Qatar, the workers, the human rights, and so on.

We have an investor critical milestone that has to be delivered mid Dec. Jobs will be lost if it doesnt and the expectation is that an already full workload is going to ramp up week by week until then to make it happen. Ive only recently connected the dots on what that means for me and the world cup, and I’m honestly not that bothered.


Southgate is just a very very shit manager, speaks well in public and that’s it.


Obviously not English…

Semi Finalists in last World Cup.
Finalists in last Euros, and poor penalty choices away from winning it…

He is relegated in a shit, nonsensical tournament and his achievements mean fuck all? It was pointed out earlier that his choice at CB is the worst for an England manager for decades…Maguire vs Terry, Ferdinand, Carra etc etc…

He might never win a major prize but he has gone closer than the majority of his predecessors, and arguably they had better players than he has.


No one is forcing him to play Maguire and Dier. He can find a duo between Gomez, Tomori, White and Walker to field in a functional back four instead of deploying 3 CBs, still conceding and looking terrible all over the pitch with that abomination of formation. What was that? 3-2-2-2-1? 3-4-2-1? Fuck knows. After 70 odd minutes the only thing I was sure of is that he had 3 at the back. A totally incoherent team with no plan or any inkling what to do.

Southgate is likeable on a personal level and he has been the most succesful English manager since the sixties but his limitations have become an immovable hindrance. It would be less suprising to see England crash out at the group stage than actually going all the way and winning it.

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Playing Germany on Monday. We lost to Hungary yesterday.

Will be funny to see which football nation will switch to panic mode after that game :sweat_smile:

But doesn’t really matter until the WC starts.

The fact that Ingurlund are currently third favourites, behind Brazil and France, to lift the trophy is staggering.

I didn’t know even know teams could get relegated :joy:

Got us close playing shit football and also having favorable draws before finally bowing out to the 1st decent team we face.

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Usual hyped betting.

Then again I don’t think there is a stand out national side at the moment. Well one that is going to the World Cup.

Henderson or Pope
Trent Gomez Stones Walker
Henderson Rice Bellingham
Sterling Kane Foden

At some point Southgate stopped pushing and improving his team.

Pickford is due a massive error which might allow him to move on to Pope.

When is someone gonna come up with the extension: England National Team: ‘That’s the joke - right there’? Never been used before after all…:face_with_monocle:

“He knows a lot about Sean Connery”

Gomez at his current form doesn’t deserve to be in the squad.

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Popes distribution was shite, Ramsdale is 1 in my opinion. Picks on his day is very good but has a clanger in him. Just depends when it comes.

Stones and Tomori as centre backs. I wasn’t too impressed by Tomori in the 4-0 defeat but Maguire needs to be dropped. I swear Southgate said he picks off form? Right back is TAA or James. Any will do. Chillwell at left back.

Rice is decent, does dirty work, keeps simple. You need that in a team. Bellingham was good 2nd half yesterday. More of that and it’s a definite start. I’d put Foden or Henderson depending on team. Hendo is a leader and will protect the shite centre half’s with Rice and Foden will play against the defensive sides that need breaking down.

Saka, Kane and Sterling up top. Pace, and directness on the wings. Those technical Man City wingers kill the pace of the attack. I reckon he actually takes Rashford as the shock inclusion.

By current form, you mean the Napoli game? Because otherwise he’s been more than decent, considering his fitness issues. If you want to look for someone truly undeserving, look no further than Maguire who has been unplayable for at least a couple of years.

Gomez got man of the match one game and then very poor next one so we judging him by the poor game. :no_mouth: