Euro 2024 Qualifying Stage

An of course is Ronald “the tosser” Koeman playing van Dijk in a meaningless match against Gibraltar. :face_vomiting:

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Tsimi not even on the bench tonight, any news?

Well we knew that would be the case.

Let’s hope it’s flu

Former Bitter manager, :face_vomiting:

Yeah; the Greece manager logged into TAN and got fed up reading that our players were being overplayed.

Or we did a Haaland.

Or even better, what we did with Konate and United did with Onana.


Another booking would get him suspended for the Nations League semifinal, so he was released early.


Necoooo. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sorry but all these should have resulted in at one penalty for Wales.

How the hell is that not a foul? Also is VAR broke?

I’m not sure how he’s called the one on Wilson shoulder to shoulder then immediately booked Johnson for an actual shoulder to shoulder.

Croatia leading.

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Getting a bit silly, this ref.

Another ridiculous penalty…can’t believe VAR didn’t tell him to look at the screen

Absolute farce this guy.

I assume the VAR bloke is asleep.

Good old Croatia, complicating things last month, until when it looked like we will win the group. Got there in the end, but pretty tight.


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I think about her often.