Ex-player: Marko Grujic

Yeah I’m a bit harsh with him admittedly. He had a hard time with injuries. He got a bad one in that game if I remember well. Still not a great transfer for us.

I’d class Diouf, Itandje, Konchesky as the worst players I’ve seen play for this club, not because of a lack of talent, but because of their horrible attitude.


Players like Salif Diao and Christian Poulsen didn’t even look like footballers let alone good enough to play for us :joy:


Christian Poulson is by a long way the worst player I’ve ever seen in a red shirt. He literally, no exaggeration, struggled to pass the ball ten yards. It was like seeing me dropped into Liverpool’s midfield.

Grujic isn’t that bad. Decent player, not good enough for the PL, tad reckless, a bit slow maybe, should have a decent enough career.


To be fair, I suspect you’d be more mobile!

Poulsen played 92 internationals. He was a UEFA cup winner, German Cup winner, played for Juventus, Ajax, Sevilla. Why was he so crap for us? It really didn’t make sense.

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Way too slow. Similar problem faced by Grujic IMO.

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Grujic also struggles to get messages from his brain to his feet, is an awful passer, tactically abysmal, poor communicator, slow…

He’s aerially dominant, can head the ball and kick it hard.

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Grujic (in his present level) would have been a decent starter for the 2010/11 side and would have been a decent backup for the 2015/16 side. It’s a testament of how far we have progressed.


Roy Hodgson factor?

All the players we signed in that infamous window were either worthless or washed-up.

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Or both.

Ten characters

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We were definately walking through a storm back then,

But we held our heads high,

And we’ve now reached our golden sky!

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best of Luck Marko, comparing a player who spent relatively fuck all time at the club to some of the signings that didnt excel here seems a bit out of whack.

had his chance, didnt quite reach the heights required, best of luck i say…at least you gave it a crack.


Simply put - he was washed up. Might have been a good player for us if we’d signed him 10 years before we did.

He was available cheap because he had become too slow for Italy.

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Struggling to get regular minutes even in Portuguese league :man_facepalming:. What were the terms of his sale, anyone!!!

I be damned, managed a paltry 1658 mins, in Portuguese league :rofl:.

Shame he couldn’t stay at Hertha. They loved him there.

He’s still shit. Which poster on TIA was it that drooled over this guy when we first signed him? Did they come over to TAN or were they too embarrassed?

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