Ex-player: Sadio MANÉ

First Name: Sadio
Surname: Mané
Squad Number: 10
Position: Forward
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 76kg
D.O.B.: 10.04.1992.
Town of Birth: Sedhiou
Country of Birth: Senegal
Nationality: Senegalese

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Another player that need at least a 10% improvement from last year. The combination of Sadie and Bobby really put a lot of pressure in Mo, especially after Jota was injured.

“I think the really good thing about it is the coincidence because the season we won the league our opening game was against Norwich and we won 4-1,” the forward told

*“And hopefully this season it’s going to be the same coincidence, that we are going to win and then hopefully win the league! Of course it’s our target. *

“I still remember that I had 10 days of holidays [in the summer of 2019], but this season is a little bit different because I have had enough holidays. So hopefully it’s going to be an exciting season for me and Liverpool Football Club.”


I’m glad that he got his first goal of the season, he was looking a bit frustrated against both Norwich and Burnley, he could have made a few better decisions in the final third against the latter. He looked like it meant the world to him, hopefully there will be no burden on his shoulders and he’ll be able to express himself with more confidence, be more involved in the game in the coming weeks.

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Sadio is a feisty fellow and that can work against him if things aren’t going for him. Think he will be more calm in next game.


Maybe it’s just me but Mane really doesn’t appear to have brought his preseason form into the league.

So many moves breakdown when it gets to him.

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I’m a bit worried about Mane. With the long break and a proper preseason, I thought he would be back to his best. Well, it’s still very early in the season. :crossed_fingers:

Won us a penalty that helped level the score at 1-1 which btw was the final score.
Played well in the 1st half, got isolated in the second (which might not be his fault btw).
What’s the matter?

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I think Robertson was more of the issue on the left hand side. He’s not quite back to full match fitness yet and you could see he petered out in the second half. Mane suffered as he wasn’t getting the best service on the left wing as a result.


Me too as Robbo was rarely running past Mané. To add to that in the second half Hendo started playing very central. This imo left Mané isolated with too much to do.
Chelsea were defending very well both sides of the pitch both our ‘inside forwards’ were being short changed and ending up running down cul de sacs. Salah had more outs with Trent and Elliott supporting much better down the right (which after the 1st half became our prefered route.

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Good to see Mane scoring.

Might be what he needs

Don’t want to jinx him but I just saw something:

We are playing Palace on Saturday and Sadio scored in our last 8 games against them. Crazy stat.


Palace won’t be as open as Leeds, though, I doubt they will let him take ten shots (if the stats are to be believed).


Thank fuck he scored at the end but other than his hopeless finishing I thought he played well. You do have to take the opposition into account. If we played Leeds every week Sadio would have 30 goals a season, no problem. Still it was a confidence booster. I haven’t written him off.

It’s okay, I think he’s gotten the wasted shots out of his system now…

He looked relieved after that. Can understand his selfishness when we were already winning, strikers want to score all the time.

I hope it’s a confidence issue more than anything else. Some of his touches if they were better in the final third could have resulted in even improved chances.

Mane is his own worst enemy. He isn’t a calm character like Salah or Firmino, he is a firecracker. He is fierce, vivacious, relentless; but now when he needs to be calm, focused, all those are standing in his way. He needs that split second of calmness before making a decision, but he is still being spontaneous, instinctive.

95% of his game is just fine. He is an eager runner, he is a fierce presser, he is an intelligent player finding the space. But he is failing to maintain the composure at the key moment. The worst thing is, that fucking moment is ruining all his efforts and it’s making him more frustrated, desperate, and messed-up.


Reminded of some of his pre-2018-2020 stuff. Would’ve taken him off in the final stages yesterday. Not a big deal, no fuss, but just to make a little point.

I don’t think the manager’s the kind of person to do that though… Any point he wants to make he makes it directly to the players’ faces.